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Ten ISPs for businesses in Singapore

ten isp internet service and product provider for businesses in Singapore
Ten isp internet service and product provider for businesses in Singapore

At home, we are limited by a few internet service providers (ISP), but businesses have an array of choices to choose from. We mean business after all. This list is a guide to some of the providers here in Singapore. Let us briefly go through each and every one of them and we arrange them in no particular order.

This list is for the benefit of your small, medium or large corporations. Many of these internet services and product providers are very specialized. Although they do offer great internet connection packages, we will only highlight to you some of their unique products and solutions as well available for businesses here in Singapore.


1. Pacific Internet ISP for businesses in Singapore

Talk about old school! 300Mbps line costs S$88/month

You may recall, Pacific Internet was a very well-known household ISP provider during the dial-up era of Singapore. It is the first ISP provider for homes in Singapore. A decision was made eventually to phase out their consumer services to concentrate on B2B and enterprise solutions. Here is the list of services offered on their website:

  • Enterprise Connectivity

  • PacEX or Pacific-Equinox Cloud Exchange

  • Pacific Internet Services (ISP services for businesses)

  • Pacific Business Solutions

If your organisation is regional in south-east Asia and China, Pacific Internet could be well suited to your needs. They are present not only in Singapore but in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. With over 80 PoP across Greater China. PoP is short for point of presence, much like points of connections for ISP providers to improve connection in another location or zone.

2. Zone Telecom ISP for businesses in Singapore

Get yourself in the zone.

Launched in March of 2000, Zone Telecom specialises in end to end business telecommunication or info-communications technology. We have added them to this list as they do provide internet services as a solution to their clients. Here is a list of services on their website:

  • Cloud PBX (Business phone system hosted on servers off-site)

  • Call centre

  • Conferencing

  • International calls

  • Internet and data (ISP services)

  • Microsoft teams

  • Cloud service

One thing that sets Zone from the rest of the competition is the large range of bandwidth to choose from. You can start with bandwidth as little as 1Mbps to 1Gbps. Depending on the specific requirements, very useful for content management systems and servers. They offer three plans, Surf (Dynamic IP), Power (1 static IP) and Control (8 static IP address. With Surf more suited towards smaller businesses that only require a standard internet connection all the way up to Control for a more specialised internet product requirements.

3. NTT Communications ISP for businesses in Singapore

Some of you may find the name a little familiar.

Effective January 2019, NTT has discontinued Internet services for residence in Singapore. Choosing to focus on their niche market, Japanese satellite offices and companies based here in Singapore.

Unlike the other companies on this list so far, NTT Singapore is a specialized Internet service provider for companies based in Singapore. Their staff are also trained in communicating in Japanese, which makes them very well suited for Japanese companies here struggling to deal with English. For which we are sure NTT is also prepared to deal with.

NTT Singapore offers three plans for internet access on their website:

  • Lite - NTT iNet Office Lite (low-cost for small businesses)

  • Standard - NTT iNet Office Standard ( for medium-sized business)

  • Premium - NTT iNet Office Premium ( large-sized enterprises)

We think they are pretty straightforward. And if you are a Japanese company in Singapore, NTT Singapore is the perfect Internet service provider for you.

4. M1 Limited ISP for businesses in Singapore

Walk on sunshine with m1! 300Mbps starting at S$84 per month

M1 is one of the three largest ISP and mobile carriers in Singapore. They held the second-highest in market share in 2019 for Internet services too. Being a large telecommunications and information technology company, there is a huge range of solutions they provide to businesses, large and small alike. Here is the list of broadband-related services which may be useful to your organization, found on their website:

  • Internet Access (ISP services)

  • Data networking

  • Wholesale and carrier

  • Wireless networking

  • Telephony

One of the highly regarded products they deliver is called 'Dark Fibre'. To simplify, it is a dedicated fibre connection from you to your company's data applications. Think about it as your company's very own private internet infrastructure. Like a multi-location intranet.

5. Colt Technology Services Group Limited ISP for businesses in Singapore

All the way from the UK! 100Mbps leased line starting at S$900/mth.

Colt is a UK based technology services firm. As of September 2016, they launched Colt IP Access, which is business-grade internet connectivity in Singapore. Just like NTT, we feel this is a provider more suited towards a UK company satellite office based in Singapore. Here is the list of internet-related services we see listed on their website:

  • Business Internet Access (ISP Services)

  • SD-WAN (Wide area network)

  • IP VPN

On top of these services are also optical, ethernet, voice, cybersecurity, cloud and data centres. One thing we also do note, Colt is a premium internet services provider. With an Internet access speed of up to 100Gbps, they are clearly not new to the industry.

What we realise is how specialized they are in their wide area network as a service. Which is extremely useful for companies who do not wish to procure or provide such infrastructure. Colt only provides direct leased lines in Singapore and not regular broadband. Leased lines are private internet bandwidth connections with zero possibility of interruption and you do not share the connection with any one else.

6. MyRepublic Limited ISP for businesses in Singapore

For gamers by gamers! 400Mbps at S$98 per month.

After it's the recent launch of their new 4G mobile services, MyRepublic solidified its spot as the fourth most prominent telecommunications company in Singapore. Starting off as an ISP provider aimed and catered towards gamers of PC and console alike. Its reputation of consistency and reliability has allowed it to grow rapidly and expand its reach into the Infocomm technology world here in Singapore and the region.

Let us look at some of the services MyRepublic has listed on its website for businesses:

  • Business Internet (Internet services)

  • LTE broadband

  • Backup LTE

  • Dedicated Internet Access

  • MyOffice L2VPN

As a business internet service provider, MyRepublic has four separate plans. Quite easy to determine the speed of Business 300 (300Mbps), Business 500 (500Mbps), Business 700 (700Mbps), and Business Gig (1Gbps). What is even more impressive, they all come with a static IP bundled together. Very ideal for small companies and businesses looking for remote access or VPN tunnelling into their local database.

7. China Unicom Singapore ISP for businesses in Singapore

Made in China.

A subsidiary of China Unicom Group, China Unicom Singapore provides international data products, global IP and voice services for their business customers.

Just like NTT, if you are a Chinese firm satellite office based in Singapore, you might want to consider China Unicom as your Internet service provider. They have the best infrastructure connection to China, especially since they are the product of a merger between the second and third largest telecommunications company in 2009. Here is the list of internet products and services listed on their website:


  • International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC)

  • International Ethernet Private Line (IEPL)

  • Dedicated Internet Access (Internet services)

  • International IP Transit

  • Voice Wholesale

  • Co-Location

What China Unicom is able to promise its customers, as a result of the direct connection to their own private IP backbone, is uninterrupted bandwidth no matter what. Not only do they have a gigantic domestic backbone network of their own across China, but their numerous point of presence (PoP) all around the globe also promises a strong and resilient internet experience for your business.

8. Starhub ISP for businesses in Singapore

The only ISP with a mascot. 300Mbps starting at S$91/month

Arguably the biggest ISP provider in Singapore with the largest market share, Starhub has an extensive range of internet product and services. They have a range specific to small businesses and enterprise-level businesses in Singapore. Let us have a quick look at the range of services for small businesses listed on their website:

  • Fibre broadband (Internet services)

  • Broadband shield

  • Business wireless broadband

  • Broadband Backup

And below here let us list a few products for enterprise-level businesses.

  • Local connectivity

  • International connectivity

  • Data centres

  • Cloud services

We will go as far as to say, we would be surprised if they did not have a product for your business needs. They are an all-rounder when it comes to servicing businesses in Singapore and so far, we have not heard any complaints. Except for the pricing, of course, they do a really good job and you have to make sure you can afford it too.

9. ViewQwest ISP for businesses in Singapore

Fastest in Singapore!

Viewqwest refers to itself as a boutique internet solutions provider, and what they focus on is customer service. One thing cannot be argued, they are one of the most reachable when it comes to customer service. You will not find it difficult to get technical support person on the phone.

Let us have a quick look at the list of services they advertise on their website:

  • Managed SD-WAN

  • Fibernet (Internet Services)

  • Dedicated internet access

  • IP transit

  • Metro ethernet

  • Ethernet virtual private line

  • International ethernet private line

  • Fibernet L3VPN

If you're a small business and you need an internet service provider which will hold your hand and walk you through implementations. Viewqwest is the right solution for you, and their pricing is very reasonable.

Viewqwest has struggled to maintain its clients, not because of the lack of service but the quality of their technology. Plagued by DDoS attacks in the past years and complaints of an unreliable connection. To their credit, they have improved so much over the years and work tirelessly to resolve your issues for you. So if customer service is what you look for, Viewqwest is the right fit for your organization.

10. Singtel ISP for businesses in Singapore

The Ferrari of ISPs.

Not the last and definitely not the least. The largest company in this list, Singtel is the giant in Singapore. While Starhub may hold the market share, Singtel is a small army. The honest difference between Singtel and Starhub, you would be hard-pressed to find any. Singtel looks after its corporate and business clients very well. So let us have a look at the internet services listed on their website:

  • Internet services

  • Cloud services

  • Data centre services

  • Internet of Things

  • Cybersecurity


If you know of any ISP in Singapore for businesses not listed here, feel free to contact us and we will add them to this list.

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