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Our IT BLOCK MSP Singapore motto : Integrity

MSP Singapore

IT Block is an MSP in Singapore which believes in Integrity. 
We do what we say, and we say what we do. Our word is all we have in an era where the price is right. To be a successful MSP in Singapore, we need the trust of our clients. We take our client's trust and cybersecurity seriously. For example, publishing a list of our clients on our website would harm our client's cybersecurity efforts.

One of our strategies to gain our clients' trust is to encourage them to send us their NDA; whatever they need, we sign it. We will do whatever it takes to preserve the trust and go to whatever lengths to maintain it.

MSP Singapore

MSP Singapore - About Us

MSP Singapore
MSP Singapore

IT Block MSP is all about customer service, and that is where we feel our true strength lies. Our clients want service with dignity, they wish to be respected, and we consider their time very important.

As MSP providers in Singapore, we do not forget we are, after all, providing customer service. Proper communication and relationship are what we focus on with a touch of nuance. We aim to be the best MSP provider in the world.

MSP Singapore

The IT Block team

Reza Nilofer MSP Singapore

Reza Nilofer

VP, Sales & Technology

The prima technician of IT Block, Reza leads the team and believes customer service as the most important aspect of IT Support.

Efan MSP Singapore


Junior IT Technician

Efan is our IT Technician providing technical support to our clients and help them solve any IT issue to ensure the smooth running of their IT systems.



Junior IT Technician

Our latest addition, Amiran is our resident tinkerer. Every challenge is seen as a new opportunity.

Eve MSP Singapore


Executive Assistant

Eve is our coordinator. From procurement to remote support, she is a jack of all trades in IT Block.

MSP Singapore services
MSP Singapore hardware

Ad- Hoc

IT Block does provide a wide range of ad-hoc MSP IT services. Our most popular IT services being IT consultancy, Search engine optimization and hardware/software procurement. Check out our list of services by clicking here.

MSP Singapore clients
3 tier MSP Support


We have 3-tier retainer packages for IT support. Our clients love them and we would love for you to check them out by clicking here.

Each package is designed to provide IT services and IT support tailored to the size of your organization. With different numbers of on-site support hours.

Contact our MSP Singapore services

Our MSP Singapore services are about providing relatable and personal customer service. Let us set up a time, a meet if need be. Allow us to find out about your business and how best we can build your IT infrastructure.

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