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What are IT Services?

When we talk about IT services, we're referring to the knowledge and technical skills used to help organizations create, manage, and optimize their information and business processes. It's about using our expertise to help businesses be more efficient and effective in their work.

Now, there are different types of IT services that can be provided, such as designing, building, and running different parts of a company's technical operations. And these services can be grouped into three categories: business process services, application services, and infrastructure services.

Sometimes, businesses choose to outsource these services to another company. This is called business process outsourcing (BPO), applications outsourcing (AO), or infrastructure outsourcing. It can be a good way for companies to get the help they need from experts in these areas without having to do it all themselves.

What are the IT services we provide?

IT Block Singapore

Maintaining and Repairing
IT Equipment

IT Block's technicians handle the maintenance and repair of various IT equipment, including computers, servers, printers, and networking devices. We ensure your IT infrastructure functions optimally by performing regular inspections, hardware upgrades, and timely repairs.

ITBlock Singapore

Troubleshooting and Configuring Software

From installing and configuring Microsoft 365 applications for your team to creating EC2 instances on Amazon Web Services, IT Block specialises in resolving software-related issues and optimising software configurations to enhance performance and functionality. We have extensive knowledge of operating systems and applications, allowing us to diagnose and troubleshoot software problems efficiently. 

IT Block Singapore

IT Procurement services

From hardware and software procurement, we carefully assess your IT needs, research available options, and leverage our extensive network of trusted vendors to secure the most suitable solutions at competitive prices. Our streamlined procurement process ensures timely delivery, efficient logistics, and adherence to budgetary constraints. By partnering with us for IT procurement, you can optimize your technology investments, minimize procurement risks, and focus on confidently driving your business forward.

IT Block Singapore

Cyber Security

We specialize in providing comprehensive protection against various cybersecurity threats, including ransomware, phishing attacks, and viruses. Our team integrates and installs cutting-edge IT solutions tailored to safeguard your organization. With a proactive approach to security, we fortify your systems against potential vulnerabilities and ensure that your valuable information remains secure.

IT Block Singapore

IT Reports

  • IT Asset Inventory Report

  • Network Performance Report

  • Security Audit Report

  • IT Incident Report

  • IT Budget Report

  • Backup and Recovery Report

  • Software License Compliance Report

  • IT Project Status Report

  • IT Service Desk Report

  • IT Governance Report

IT Block Singapore

IT Policies

IT Block understands the importance of documentation and controls, which, when put in place, allows a business to improve its efficiency and productivity. Some examples include:

  1. Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

  2. Information Security Policy

  3. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy

  4. Data Retention and Destruction Policy

  5. Incident Response Policy

  6. Mobile Device Management (MDM) Policy

  7. Password Policy

  8. Social Media and Internet Usage Policy

  9. Email and Communication Policy

  10. Network Access Policy


These policies help organizations maintain security, ensure compliance, and establish best practices for technology use within the company.


On-site IT Support

Our retainer IT support packages include unlimited remote and on-site IT support for all staff. We have a speedy response time of just 1-2 hours for remote IT support requests and 2-4 hours for on-site support requests during business hours. Our SLA also covers support outside business hours, weekends and public holidays. Our strong team of technicians are based locally in Singapore to ensure they can support our customers face-to-face if needed.



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What Our Customers Say

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What are the Types of IT Services?

  1. Network infrastructure services - services that involve setting up, configuring, and managing a company's network infrastructure, such as servers, routers, switches, and firewalls.

  2. Managed IT services - services that encompass a wide range of IT support and management functions, such as network management, desktop support, data backup and recovery, cybersecurity, and cloud computing management.

  3. Cloud computing services - services that involve providing computing resources, such as servers, storage, and applications, over the internet, instead of locally.

  4. Security services - services that involve protecting a company's IT systems and data from threats such as hacking, viruses, and malware.

  5. Data management services - services that involve managing and maintaining a company's data, including data backup, recovery, storage, and analysis.

  6. Software development services - services that involve designing, developing, and maintaining software applications.

  7. IT consulting services - services that involve providing expert advice and guidance to companies on IT strategy, planning, and implementation.

  8. Help desk services - services that involve providing technical support to end-users, either remotely or on-site.

  9. Website design and development services - services that involve designing, developing, and maintaining a company's website.

  10. Social media management services - services that involve managing a company's social media presence, including creating and posting content, engaging with customers, and analyzing social media metrics.

  11. Telecommunications services - services that involve managing a company's telecommunications infrastructure, such as phone systems and internet connections.

  12. Internet of Things (IoT) services - services that involve designing, developing, and implementing IoT solutions, such as connected devices and sensors.

  13. Virtualization services - services that involve creating virtual versions of IT infrastructure, such as servers, storage, and networks, to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

  14. Project management services - services that involve managing IT projects, such as software development or infrastructure upgrades, from planning to implementation.

  15. Training and education services - services that involve providing IT training and education to employees, either on-site or remotely.

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