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IT Block service agreement for IT Support

dns administration it support singapore
dns administration it support singapore

The Customer (as hereinbefore defined) and IT Block Pte Ltd having reached agreement on the sale and purchase of the Equipment and Accessories (as more particularly set out in the front page of this IT Support Agreement) ("Equipment") on the following conditions:


  1. All payments including but not limited to price(s) of the Equipment and chargers for installation and IT support delivery (as more particularly set out on the front page of this IT Support Agreement) shall be made promptly by the customer to IT Block Pte Ltd as and when such payments fall due.

  2. The Equipment shall at all times remains the property of IT Block Pte Ltd until all payments due under this Agreement have been made. At no time prior to full payment having been made by the Customer shall the Equipment or any part thereof be taken or howsoever otherwise removed from Singapore.

  3. Failure to make payment on any due date shall entitle IT Block Pte Ltd to take possession of the Equipment including the right to enter the Customer's premises and to use all such means as may be reasonably necessary to affect the removal of the Equipment with or without notice and without prejudice to any other remedy available at law.

  4. IT Block Pte Ltd shall use its best endeavours to deliver the Equipment and/or IT services to the Customer premises on the date requested by the Customer subject to availability of the Equipment but will not be liable for any loss or damage or injury whatsoever incurred by the Customer by reason of any delay in delivery or failure to deliver the Equipment by the date.

  5. Risk in the Equipment shall be passed to the Customer upon delivery to the Customer.

  6. Prior to the date of delivery of the Equipment, the Customer shall at his own expense ensure that the installation area(s) electrical outlets and connection requirements and access ways are suitable for the passage installation and commissioning of the Equipment. If any special lifting device is required for such purpose either the Customer will make provision for the same or shall provide at least 2 weeks’ notice to IT Block Pte Ltd. IT Block Pte Ltd shall make provisions for such services arrange at the Customer's sole expense. The Customer shall make payment upon receipt of the invoice for such third-party costs.

  7. IT Block Pte Ltd shall invoice the Customer before the date on which the Equipment and/or IT Support has been delivered and the Customer's signature or that of their servants, representatives or agents on IT Block's delivery note shall be sufficient evidence of delivery thereof.

  8. All applicable taxes or other government levies in connection with the IT Support Agreement shall be borne solely by the customer.

  9. The Customer will bear the risk and be responsible for all physical damages, injury or loss arising directly or indirectly or in connection with the purchase or use of the Equipment following delivery.

  10. IT Block Pte Ltd may, if requested, provide the Customer with maintenance service and replacement parts for the Equipment so long as they are generally available on the basis of IT Block Pte Ltd established prices and on terms and conditions then prevailing.

  11. If the Equipment requires the transmission of data through telecommunications lines, the Customer shall ensure that all necessary approvals from the relevant government authority are obtained.

  12. The Customer will provide monthly meter readings to the appointed Service Provider.

  13. The Customer will ensure the devices are connected to the network for communication to the Service Provider’s server in the event of remote monitoring.

  14. The customer may also provide a scanned copy of the device’s configuration page with the Customer’s company stamp and authorized signature along with the date.  The endorsed configuration page will be sent to the Service Provider on the 1st or last day of the month.

  15. Upon failure to receive the monthly meter readings from the Customer, IT Block Pte Ltd reserves the right to invoice the Customer based on estimated monthly usage.

  16. This agreement comes into force only when signed by or on behalf of the Customer and by a person duly authorized by IT Block Pte Ltd and is subject to the credit check/validation proving satisfactory.

  17. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of Singapore and constitutes the entire agreement between the Customer and IT Block Pte Ltd and no representation or statement not contained in this IT Support Agreement shall be binding on IT Block Pte Ltd as a warranty out or otherwise. No alteration, waiver or modification of the printed terms of this Agreement shall be valid unless signed by the Finance and Administrative Director of IT Block Pte Ltd and by a person authorized by the Customer. The said terms shall prevail notwithstanding any variance with the terms and conditions of any order the Customer and the Customer's acceptance of delivery of the Equipment shall be conclusive that the said terms govern the transaction hereby affected.

  18. Should the customer decide for whatever reason not to proceed with this agreement before the installation/delivery of the said equipment by IT Block Pte Ltd, the customer shall compensate IT Block Pte Ltd 50% of the total contractual value of the deposit paid, whichever is higher, being an estimated loss to be incurred by IT Block Pte Ltd under this agreement. Upon receipt of this settlement, either party should not have claims upon each other on this IT support agreement and shall revert to their prior position. For rental or financing schemes, customers are to provide the necessary documents for the finance company's assessments.  All hardware and software sold are being warranted by the manufacturer if any.

  19. All purchases will include 01 x Delivery only.  Upon calling IT Block Pte Ltd.’s Service hotline, the customer will be allowed a 10-minute diagnostics session to identify the nature of issues. In the event, the fault is IT-related (unable to print, unable to scan), IT Block Pte Ltd will charge the rates for remote or onsite assistance.  Remote assistance will not be charged during the course of this IT support agreement.  Onsite assistance will be charged at $200.00 per man-hour, chargeable at a minimum of 2 man-hours or deducted off any pre-purchased on-site hours as stated in the agreement.

  20. This IT support agreement will automatically renew at the end of the contracted period. Any cancellation request will have to be processed at least 2 weeks prior to the end of this sales agreement with IT Block Pte Ltd. All unused hours will be forfeited end of a contract term.

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