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Top six ISP in Singapore 2020 (Internet Service Provider)

Welcome to 2021 and it has been a tough 2020 so far. Starting things off on a good note, let's begin by a Top chart for the ISP companies in Singapore. We base our findings on the general feedback we get from our clients and users from around the country.

Similar to last year, we include all the main providers that both homes and companies can sign up to. And for those new to the country, this is our honest opinion which is also based on our professional IT support experiences with these providers. IT Block has no affiliations with any ISP in Singapore nor is this article branded content. Our top ISP in Singapore post was written for your benefit only.

Number six ISP in Singapore: M1 Limited #6

We had predicted M1 as our favourite for the number one spot in 2020, but we predicted wrong. Riddled with downtime in 2020 and unable to keep it's infrastructure updated quickly enough with new customers have shown how little they were prepared for expansion.

M1 has come a long way since it's underdog days when it came in as the third ISP in Singapore many years ago. And now, it has a commendable chunk of the market share here in Singapore. M1 is a company for the rebels because it does not seem to play along with the big boys. What we mean by that is, M1 is in our opinion, the reason why the prices of internet connectivity are kept really competitive.

They are always the ones slashing prices down, forcing other ISP in Singapore to follow in their trail. Even today, they provide great connectivity and a substantial reduction in price. Which is why we have given them the second place of all the ISP in Singapore. When IT Block liaises with their IT Support team, they seem attentive and knowledgeable. We hope they have learnt from the mistakes of the past and we hope to see them come back strong in the future again.