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IT Block's IT Support Services FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

vendor management it support singapore i
vendor management it support singapore i
vendor management it support singapore i
vendor management it support singapore i

Is IT Block a blockchain company?

No, we are not. The 'Block' in our name actually refers to an HDB block or building. So IT Block is actually referring to an IT Building. Which would refer to IT Block as an IT organization housed inside a block? We can advise you on the blockchain, we understand the concept and the foundations before it.  

What type of business is IT Block?

IT Block is an IT services provider and we specialize in outsourced IT support for businesses. Our company acts as a modular add-on for your organization. Think of us as an IT department that does not sit inside your own office. You subscribe to our service and pay as you go. We always act in the interest of our clients and protect their IT interests.

What do you mean by IT services?

IT services, according to IT Block, would include services such as outsourced IT support, IT solutions such as hardware/software, IT consultancy, IT project management (for projects such as ERP implementations or CRM development, etc). Think of your IT infrastructure, like server rooms and what have you. That is our specialty. 

Isn't my company too small for IT support?

IT support is very fundamental and is core to your business as HR and accounts. We even argue that IT is much more important. Just like roads and railways that manage human traffic. IT manages information, which expands to communications between you and your client. Your staff's efficiency directly correlates with how smooth your IT infrastructure is. Think of a slow computer, email, and internet. And how that can severely hamper productivity in the office. So if you want to speed things up and improve your business, you need IT support. 

How does IT Block charge?

We work off retainers. To have IT Block on board, you will have to sign on to our retainer agreement to secure our services. Once the retainer contract is signed and paid, services immediately begin. And you will get to enjoy fuss-free and highly attentive IT support. You can contact us directly should you have any further questions. We discuss our fees face to face.

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