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Top 10 tech companies in the world

If you ever wondered how the world's tech giants were ranked, here's a list so you can find out for yourself...

10 - HP

Top 10 tech companies in the world

HP, a shortened version of their trading name Hewlett-Packard, are a computer, laptop, printer and ink seller. Founded over 80 years ago in a single garage in California, HP are now one of the world's best known sellers of laptops and monitors, generating $58.76 billion USD of revenue in 2019 alone.

9 - Panasonic

Top 10 tech companies in the world

Based in Japan, Panasonic are a global seller of many kinds of consumer technology. Some of their products include TVs, shavers, projectors, washing machines and tablets. Their revenue last year marginally exceeded $70 billion USD.

8 - Intel Corp

Top 10 tech companies in the world

Well known for their core processors, Intel are a global leader in computer chip manufacturing, specialising in data storage and the communications market. They have since recently expanded their offering to provide cloud-based enterprise level solutions such as cloud computing and data recovery. Their revenue last year was $75.7 billion USD.

7 - IBM

Top 10 tech companies in the world

Also known as International Machines Corporation, IBM sell computer hardware, middle-ware and software, as well as a range of hosting services. Their best known product is the Watson computer. Last year, revenue reached $76.5 billion USD.

6 - Sony

Top 10 tech companies in the world

Sony are a Japanese technology company who sell electronics and other consumer tech products, such as cameras, phones and games consoles. Their most famous product range is the playstation series of games console. Last year's revenue hit a whopping $79.3 billion USD.

5 - Dell Technologies

Top 10 tech companies in the world

Dell makes and sells hardware, information technology products, and services worldwide. Their products include laptops, computers, traditional and next-generation storage solutions, and networking products, with their best known products being their personal computers. Last year's revenue? $92.2 billion USD!

4 - Microsoft

Top 10 tech companies in the world

As one of the world's most widely recognised brands, Microsoft started out as a developer of their Windows operating system. Since then, they have branched out into smartphones, cloud-based services and laptops. Overall revenue for 2019 hit $138.7 billion USD.

3 - Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. Ltd

Top 10 tech companies in the world

Hon Hai Precision, also known as Foxconn, are a Taiwan based manufacturer of electrical products and electrical components. Their most valued work is their production of the majority of Apple's iPhone models. Last year's revenue topped out at an impressive $173.1 billion USD

2 - Samsung Electronics

Top 10 tech companies in the world

Samsung are a global player in the design and manufacturing of many consumer electronics and home appliances. Their products include mobile phones, TVs, computers, telephone systems, tablets and printers. Last year's overall revenue hit $197.5 billion USD!

1 - Apple

Top 10 tech companies in the world

As a leader in consumer electronics, Apple is best known for its "i" range. Most people nowadays will know their iPhone, iMac, iPod and iPad offering. Most recently, they set up their own music and movie/TV streaming services, Apple music and Apple TV, which have massively helped them throughout the pandemic. As the largest technology company by sales, Apple hit an amazing revenue in 2019, the figure was $268 billion USD!



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