Testimonials for our IT support services

IT Block loves its clients. IT Block is also concerned about security, which is why we protect our client details from those with ill-intent. 

So instead of the name and company, we will only show the title and industry of each testimonial e have received. 


"Professional and personable service from a genuine expert. Very reassuring to have these guys able to help out at very short notice when the s### hits the fan..." - Naval architect, Shipbuilding, Asia

"Excellent service provided. Knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommended to everyone! Fixed my issues and no questions asked for after-sales services as well." - CEO, Garments importer, Vietnam

"Our go-to guys for all (big and small) IT requirements, such a pleasure to work with an organization with people who knows their stuff and has the flexibility to cater to their customer's needs. IT Block FTW." - Business Development, Automotive, Singapore

"Reza and team are world-class. Very experienced and well versed in multiple platforms and solutions. Highly recommended. You will not be disappointed !" - Consultant, Family Office, Singapore

"This is an outlet run by some of the sharpest and rational minds in this business, providing absolutely fantastic service. No time wasted, always straight to the point with the right solution." - Senior Engineer, Geothermal Engineering, France.

"Excellent service level and expertise, I have been most pleasantly surprised by the speed and know how provided. Faced with a complex technical situation the out-of-the-box thinking helped us save time and money" - Consultant, Restructuring Firm, Singapore & Malaysia

"24/7 service just like Mustafa Centre 👍" - Sales Manager, International Airline, Asia

"Great service, very professional and exceeded our expectations. Not only did IT Block fix our IT related problems upon request, but they also took the initiative to evaluate and identify other problematic areas, and taught us how to solve them. Will recommend them to anyone." - Senior Marketing Manager, Charity Organisation, Singapore 

"Reza has been working with our company as our IT support for the past 12 months. He is super fast to respond to requests (and panic calls) for help - including weekends. Out of the blue, he will call up and say that he's been working on increasing traffic to the website (never requested, and not charged for either) or other tinkerings behind the scenes to make things smoother/faster. And to top it off - he's a nice honest guy to deal with who can be trusted 100%. Thanks, Reza" - Managing Director, Media, Singapore