Top 5 Fastest Fibre Broadband Plan in Singapore

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Top 5 Fastest Fibre Broadband Plan in Singapore

This is for the fast and the furious. The ones with the need for pure speed. And what is more fun than having the fastest internet connection or fibre broadband plan money can buy? Much like owning a sports car in a country with speed limits, it is about having that power in reserve.

From a technical standpoint, we base our top 5 fastest fibre broadband plan on a few factors. Overall bandwidth, general traffic, latency, server reliability, and broadband leasing contracts. Of course, you don't have to worry about the nitty-gritty details here. All the hard work is done at the back-end. Consider ourselves blessed to live in Singapore, where even the slowest internet fibre broadband plan is beastly quick. And without further ado, here is the top 5 fastest plan available in Singapore.

Top 5 Fastest Fibre Broadband Plan in Singapore

Number Five

fastest fibre broadband plan in Singapore

M1 GamePRO 1Gbps Fibre Broadband plan


  • Low Latency

  • Managed Routing

  • Fast direct and torrent downloads

We love m1 so much, we will admit a little bias towards them. However, this is a fair ranking and it is fair for m1 to get the number four in our list of fastest fibre broadband in Singapore. We still think having the 5th fastest plan on the list is very respectable.

For those who want the best bang for the buck, most economical and most gentle to your wallet. Look no further than m1's GamePRO 1Gbps plan. One thing we have noticed with m1, general downloads are blisteringly fast. If you are familiar with port forwarding, be prepared to fork out more money. Because it will surely crash any normal hard disk drive with speeds up to 80MB/s, which we have seen with our own eyes. And yes, we mean MB/s and not Mbps. We know the difference. Don't say we did not warn you.

Top 5 Fastest Fibre Broadband Plan in Singapore

Number Four

fastest fibre broadband plan in Singapore

MyRepublic GAMER Fibre Broadband plan (1Gbps)


  • Dedicated 24/7 Priority Support

  • Very low and stable latency

  • The fastest connection to game servers in Singapore

We love how MyRepublic focuses on one niche market, which is gamers. We also think that of all the 1Gbps fibre broadband plans out there, MyRepublic has the most stable and fastest connection of them all in Singapore.

Unfortunately, they do not have a 2Gbps broadband plan under their belt, resting them firmly here at number four. If you are a gamer, we would recommend you not even go to any other provider, because MyRepublic had many of their servers dedicated to gaming servers.

Top 5 Fastest Fibre Broadband Plan in Singapore

From the image above, you can see how much faster MyRepublic's connection is to the Steam game servers. These are average stats pulled by MyRepublic from Steam's download data. Looking at which, brings us to number three of our fastest fibre broadband plan in Singapore.

Top 5 Fastest Fibre Broadband Plan in Singapore

Number Three

fastest fibre broadband plan in Singapore

Starhub's Turbo Gamer 2Gbps fibre broadband


  • Uploads speed of up to 1Gbps

  • Free Gaming Router

  • Reliable

If there is one peeve we have against Starhub, is the constant maintenance downtime it has. Granted, it is normally in the wee hours of the morning. Also, that level of routine maintenance is the reason why their connection is almost always highly reliable and stable.

Starhub has the largest market share in Singapore. On top of that, their 'hub club' customer loyalty program is great for those already on Starhub for mobile and cable television. But being such a large company with so many products and customers, it is hard to be convinced if they can truly provide reliable 24/7 customer support they advertise on their website. Still, if you are already a Starhub customer, and you wish for a fast internet connection, this is a great option to consider.

Top 5 Fastest Fibre Broadband Plan in Singapore

Number Two

fastest fibre broadband plan in Singapore

ViewQwest Raptor Plan

2Gbps Fibre Broadband


It was a little tricky deciding between the various ViewQwest 2Gbps plans, there are just so many of them. But to be fair, there are many affordable packages available under ViewQwest. With ViewQwest's Max Plan at S$57.50 per month, but the router that comes with it would deliver less of the boosted 2Gbps bandwidth, unlike the ViewQwest raptor plan.

Arguably, the most decorated of all the ISPs in Singapore. With awards from Ookla as Singapore's fastest fixed network 2018-2019. They are the reigning champion and you would think that should deserve them the number one spot on our top 5 fastest fibre broadband plan in Singapore. Unfortunately no. It is also noteworthy to consider, despite its speed, ViewQwest has been plagued by DDOS attacks and unreliability in the past few years. Here is to hoping 2020 will be a much better year for them. They are trying their best to deliver the best possible internet fibre broadband experience in Singapore and we are very thankful for their relentless efforts.

Before we go on to number one, here is a little global internet broadband index data we pulled from our source.

Top 5 Fastest Fibre Broadband Plan in Singapore

Singapore is number 1! Be proud, be happy, and feel truly blessed to live in this fantastic little island of ours. This data depicts the fastest average internet speed for each country.

Top 5 Fastest Fibre Broadband Plan in Singapore

Number One

fastest fibre broadband plan in Singapore

Singtel 10Gbps fibre broadband plan


  • 10Gbps internet connection

  • Fastest plan in Singapore

To be honest, there are not many points to make, because there really isn't a need to do so. The number 10Gbps is mind-boggling, in fact, the fastest wireless routers can deliver at best 7Gbps (Netgear Nighthawk X10). For everything else, there is always a cat7 cable which can carry a 10Gbps signal up to a length of 100m. Don't even think about using your cat6 cable with this router.

Top 5 Fastest Fibre Broadband Plan in Singapore

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