Your phone is the best remote. Here’s why:

Lost the remote again? Here’s how to use your phone as a TV remote and control all your TV and streaming devices.

You may need a backup remote for a variety of reasons: your usual TV remote has broken, it requires fresh batteries (and you don't have any spares on hand), or your children have lost it (again). Remotes are becoming more smaller (we're looking at you, Apple TV remote), making it easier and easier to lose them in the couch cushions.

Quick Set Up

Your smartphone can be set up in a matter of minutes as an additional remote control. So the next time you're watching Disney+ if you forget your clicker next time and save yourself a lot of time and effort. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it all.

Devices to use

There are several different types of apps to download and they are all FREE!

  1. Basic TV Remote Apps for your streaming device such as Roku & ChromeCast

  2. General Streaming Services Apps such as Netflix & Disney+

The app(s) that are most useful for you will depend on if you mainly use your smart TV or a streaming device.

TV Remote Apps

There are several TV remote apps on the App store & Google play store

One highly rated app for Apple Users would be: