Easy way to make your Windows load faster

Having a PC or laptop that starts up slowly is a pain. We have things to do, jobs to complete, games to play, but when it takes over 5 minutes to start up our Windows PC or laptop, it reaches a point beyond irritating.

Let's run through the best tips to help your Windows PC or laptop load up faster.

Check for viruses and malware

Whether you have your own third party virus protection, or you opt for Windows Defender, it is always worth checking to see if any dangerous files, malware or harmful viruses have lodged onto your PC or laptop. Give your anti-virus a chance to clean these up for a little while and your start up time may begin to decrease.

Easy way to make your Windows PC/laptop load up faster

Some good anti-virus software out there include McAfee and Kaspersky anti-virus.

Disable apps during start-up

Sometimes a big reason for your Windows PC or laptop starting up slowly is due to so many apps being loaded during start-up. They will be added as apps running in the background once you get to the Windows home screen (after you have logged onto your device). By disabling these, you give your Windows device less background apps to execute upon start-up, therefore it is likely to help shorten the time it takes to start up your Windows PC or laptop.