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Easy ways to Customise your Mac

Apple has blown up to become a global giant in the industry. With how dominant the brand has become, it's no surprise that its products are ridiculously popular, and everyone has jumped on the bandwagon. It’s become way too easy to spot another stranger with the same laptop as you. What if you could make your belongings uniquely yours? If you’re looking to customise your Mac, wait no more - here are our top tips!

1. Set your own Wallpaper

The first step is creating a wallpaper that’s easy on the eyes. To do this, visit General > Desktop & Screen Saver > Desktop. There, pick a fresh image from the default Mac desktop themes, or go with a nice solid background color. You can also select one of the options under the Dynamic Desktop section for a wallpaper that changes to match the time of the day. Better yet, For something really unique, access your Photos library from the sidebar to set your wallpaper to a picture of your choice. For a little more spice, set the wallpaper to change every hour, or add useful information to your desktop with an interactive wallpaper.

2. Set a Custom Colour Scheme

You can mix and match various colour presets to make a colour scheme that's just for you. To do this, go to System Preferences > General. and pick new colors under Accent color and Highlight color. You'll then see the updated color scheme reflected across buttons, boxes, menus, selections, and other system elements. Right below that, you’ll see an option to use Light or Dark Mode. Personally, I love the sleek dark appearance to dark appearance to elements like the Dock, menu bar, app windows, and sidebars when using Dark Mode.

3. Add Icons to Folders

You can change how icons look using custom icons, by searching for icons with the ICNS extension. This indicates that they’re in the Apple icon image format. To apply the new icon, first copy the icon file, then select the folder whose icon you would like to replace and click on File > Get Info. From there, click Edit > Paste and your icon should be ready to go! If you decide to switch back, simply hit delete in inspector to change back to default.

4. Login Screen

You can change the user picture for your account, by going to System Preferences > Users & Groups > Password. From there, click on the existing image to swap it out for a picture of your own. Next, you might want to come up with an entertaining lock screen message. You can add it under System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General. There, first select the checkbox for Show a message when the screen is locked.

5. Custom Sounds

Finally, you don't have to limit your personalisation efforts to visual changes. How about adding a few audio tweaks too? For starters, pick a different system voice as the default from System Preferences > Accessibility > Speech > System Voice. Next, choose a new alert sound from System Preferences > Sound > Sound Effects. You can even set your Mac to announce the time at set intervals from System Preferences > Date & Time > Clock.

With just these couple tweaks, you can make your Mac truly one of a kind, and uniquely yours!


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