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Social media boom is about to get even bigger - In the form of live streaming

Updated: May 22, 2020

As more and more weeks are added to lock downs worldwide, young people and even more so, elderly folk, are finding out new ways to fill their days. Social media is getting a fresh boost as more people realise the potential of live streaming content.

Sites like Facebook and YouTube are well renowned for their popularity in video sharing, with well over 2 billion active users between them. With many people spending much of their days in their homes currently, it has been a great opportunity for everyone to discover live streaming.

The Social Media Boom Is About To Get Even Bigger - In The Form Of Live Streaming

Sites such as YouTube and Twitch have seen a surge in new users making content. Gaming live streams, virtual concerts and online news conferences have been some of the most popular forms of content that have seen substantial growth throughout the last month. Popular hip-hop and R&B artist Post Malone recently aired a charity live stream, covering Nirvana songs (Best of all he didn't play Smells Like Teen Spirit!).

This was just a prime example of how music artists are adopting online streaming to help ease the pain on their fans, who will have missed out on seeing their favourite artists in concert.

The Social Media Boom Is About To Get Even Bigger - In The Form Of Live Streaming

Twitch has seen potentially the largest surge in growth in its history, with new streamers rallying onto the site to showcase activities such as gaming, sports, music, talk shows etc. Due to this demand, Twitch has opted to split up its own dedicated E-sports directory, this comes at a time also, where people will no longer have any form of live sport to watch - E-sports has arisen as a great alternative for viewers. Twitch also recently passed 3 billion hours of total watch time, which is the equivalent of every person on earth watching a live stream for roughly 23 minutes!

Formula 1 has been cancelled at multiple venues across the globe, with Singapore having the likelihood of following suit, should conditions not improve globally by the time race weekend comes along. The sport has switched from tarmac to digital, with a virtual Grand Prix being live streamed weekly across social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitch.

The Social Media Boom Is About To Get Even Bigger - In The Form Of Live Streaming

It features a host of current and former F1 drivers, as well as other sports stars, with the likes of Thibaut Courtois, the Belgian professional footballer, joining the group during the Chinese virtual Grand Prix. You can view the races live via the official Formula 1 accounts on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch.

Speaking of Facebook, those who wish to add a new casual income source can do so, as the social media giant is planning to roll out pay to watch live streams. It's a great move which could greatly support small businesses who are currently unable to get the financial support they need. It could be the chance for people to teach others to play instruments, to showcase paid performances, paid webinars as a means to support the business, and much more.

There are limited details about the plan, however, it is a great sign of things to come - Especially since Facebook had also announced their brand new "Zoom-like" messenger chat room feature that would be rolling out any time soon.

The Social Media Boom Is About To Get Even Bigger - In The Form Of Live Streaming

Back in January, Microsoft's employment orientated social media platform, LinkedIn was given a big update - LinkedIn live. This update made it possible for people and organisations to apply to be able to stream content live. With LinkedIn being a more business-orientated social media platform, it has been a great opportunity for many organisations to share new products, and advertise their companies on a much broader scale.

LinkedIn live streams have soared by 158% since the beginning of February, although, advertising revenue was down for the same period - Largely due to the fact that companies and entrepreneurs would be putting off spending on such an area, especially as lock down measures would have been in place. It is still a positive performance regardless for the first quarter for Microsoft's social media platform.

The Social Media Boom Is About To Get Even Bigger - In The Form Of Live Streaming

Across all social media platforms in general, active usage has seen its largest month-on-month growth since the platforms began, with up to double the amount of "active users" currently on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Social media is definitely a great alternative for individuals and businesses alike. Live streaming is a viable income alternative, but is most importantly a rewarding hobby that is suitable for anyone.

You can live stream instantly on sites like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, so long as you have an account with them. Showcase your skills, teach a course, maybe do a charity live stream. Now, more than ever is a perfect time to draw in a crowd online.

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