How to develop your business website? Which CMS is best?

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

How does one develop their business website? If you look at the image here, you can see plenty of platforms, CMS systems and programming languages. We believe it is crucial to understand the uses of each individual technology before you begin to develop your business website.

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How to develop your business website?

The main point here is talking about websites and developing them. We are also talking about small businesses that are trying to determine their strategy and we hope that the information this particular blog provides is able to teach you some important things to look for. We will provide you the options with the first group being the websites that requires you to contract a developer and the ones that do not.

Now let's start with the type of websites that require a developer for sure. I will go through them in a listed format and very briefly.

  • DRUPAL: Now this is one of my favorite PHP based CMS (content management system). Very versatile meaning you can do pretty much whatever you want. E-Commerce, a company website, an online tv channel. Drupal is one of the most secure websites you can have and it comes with a hefty price tag. Mainly because developers in some parts of the world are relatively rare and coding is long and tricky. Which on the flip side also makes it hard to penetrate. It requires constant updates and patches.

  • Magento: A powerful E-commerce engine second to none in my opinion. Only use this if you have thousands of items to be listed.

  • Wordpress: The famous go-to site. You could DIY this, but it is best left to a professional really. In good hands, it can be as secure and powerful as the best of them.

  • Joomla: A mid-range type of website that has a great reputation. I never had the pleasure of managing a project doing one since most clients either want cheap or the best. Which is my opinion Joomla is not.

  • Ruby on Rails: An excellent type of website to have running on Ruby. Right up there with Drupal in my opinion.

Now that I have briefly, really briefly went through the type of website that would require a developer for the average layman to do, I need to remind you that these are simply the packaging, not necessarily the language these websites will be developed in. And a website still requires to be hosted. Hosting is a separate thing entirely. Then again your developer should be able to advise you accordingly and we will also write a blog about it when we feel like it that is.

Now let's get on to what I believe is the future, a more cloud service like approach to web development. Something that is annoying developers everywhere after years of coding. Have a look at these guys. If you are a small company, I really don't see any reason not to consider a DIY approach to doing your websites and these solutions give you exactly that.