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Best wireless laptop mouse in Singapore 2020

Best laptop mouse | Top 5 mouse for laptops in singapore 2020 | IT Block Singapore | IT Support | Server fan repair
Best wireless laptop mouse for Singapore 2020

Counting down from number five to one, it is the top five wireless mouse for laptops in Singapore. Think of this as more of your casual everyday mouse, you need something decent, ergonomic, economical, sturdy, durable and a reasonable warranty. Albeit the best laptop mouse for 2019.

Most of all, this top five list is for Singapore, so this mouse must be available here. Any by availability, we mean you can go to the nearest Challenger or IT shop and find these mice. Is that correct? Plural of the mouse, the computer component, is it still mouse? Anyway, we are clearly digressing again, as usual. What is new. So without further adieu, here it is, the best laptop mouse for all the owners that do not really want to worry about a mouse breaking down and need something reasonably stable and comfortable enough to last you years without any issues.

Best laptop mouse | Top 5 mouse for laptops in singapore blog | IT Block Singapore | IT Support | Server fan repair
Best wireless laptop mouse for Singapore 2020

Number 5: TARGUS AMW60002AP-50 W600.

A great contender for Best wireless laptop mouse in Singapore 2020


  • 2.4 GHz wireless technology

  • 1,600 DPI optical sensor

  • 3 years Warranty

  • 1 X AA Battery

Most of us are familiar with Targus as a backpack company however they do have an entire line of product concentrated around computer accessories. Kind of cool, and a reliable brand name. Retailing at around S$18, this is amazing value and why it earns the number five spot here on our list. Cheap, amazing 3-year warranty and a great brand name behind it. It comes in blue and black as well. We prefer the cool red, although it does look kind of too plastic for our taste. Then again, it is all plastic, but for us, it is too plastic. If that makes any sense?

Number four PROLINK PMW5005

A great budget wireless laptop mouse in Singapore


  • Up to 12-month battery life

  • 1200 DPI Optical

  • 10-meter range

  • Sleep mode

  • 1-year warranty

  • 1 X AA Battery

ProLink has become a household name in Singapore when it comes to computer-related hardware such as routers, repeaters, keyboards, car chargers, etc. What they also do a decent job of designing computer mice and for roughly S$20 only. Or mouses, really not sure about the plural grammar here. Of course, the battery will not last you twelve months straight, that is just not possible, but this new generation of mice coming out have ridiculously long battery life. And if you actually bother to turn off your mouse after use, you will be surprised to find out how long these mice can run. Of course do us a favor, on the second run please please use a rechargeable battery. For the planet. For us. For you. Please. Also, the 10-meter range is also a cool gimmick. Not sure when you will need to be 10 meters away from your computer screen and still be able to work your mouse. Well maybe during a work presentation we suppose. Very cool indeed.

Number three: RAZER ATHERIS

Our bad boy contender for best wireless laptop mouse in Singapore


  • 350 hours of continuous use

  • 7200 dpi optical

  • 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth connection

  • Adaptive connectivity

  • On-the-fly sensitivity adjustment

  • 2 years warranty

  • 2 X AA Battery

Of course, we had to put Razer on our best laptop mouse list. The brand is the pride of Singapore, with its ergonomic wireless mouse, aptly names Atheris. They have always named their product lines after snakes, we think. As for this particular model, the reason it is not at the top of our list is the price tag that comes along with it around a hefty S$85. Very venomous indeed. But if you don't mind the sting, it is still well worth the price.

It is a gaming mouse, a gaming mouse designed for everyday office use. For the gamer who works by day and plays away at night. It is not easy to transition from a full-on gaming mouse back to what peasants use. Which is why we think this mouse was purely created for. For the same reason you will never find a formula one driver in a Kia Cerato, you will never find a gamer with an everyday basic mouse. That was a blanket statement. We are sure there are many gamers who are using some cheap plastic no brand mouse at the workplace that makes the pointer jump across the screen making lives miserable.

This mouse boasts three hundred over hours of continuous use and is even able to automatically switch frequencies if it senses interference. And all you feel is a seamless connection and a mouse that can also adjust its sensitivity on the fly. It is really cool to have a mouse do all the thinking on your behalf. We think it is about time. Although two double-A battery for such a tiny mouse we think is ridiculous.

Cool colours and practical wireless laptop mouse in Singapore


  • 6-month battery life

  • Nano USB receiver

  • Comfortable design

  • 3 years warranty

  • Available in 7 colors

  • 1 AA Battery

Now how did such a simple mouse make it to the second place of our list? Simplicity. It's sturdy, it works, simple to use, reliable, hardy and 3 years of warranty. We are absolutely serious, this mouse has lost to our number one because of one reason, which we will later mention of course. Priced at S$22. Very reasonable.

This is what a mouse should be, simple and colorful. It needs to work as well. And that is what the Microsoft 1850 gives. A colorful mouse is easier to find, which is very useful from a daily perspective. Being small makes it portable and a battery that lasts for 6 months makes it convenient.

Number one: LOGITECH M235

Best of the best wireless laptop mouse in Singapore


  • 10-meter range

  • Advanced optical tracking

  • 1 year limited warranty

  • 10-meter range

  • 12-month battery life

  • 1 AA Battery

Why is the Logitech M235 number one? Because it is fun. The warranty may not be the best, but with a twelve-month battery life and ten-meter range, it has all the gimmicks we love. Twelve months on just one double A battery does seem too good to be true. There are many reviews online that seem to confirm the promise.

Best laptop mouse | Top 5 mouse for laptops in singapore blog | IT Block Singapore | IT Support | Server fan repair | logitech
Best wireless laptop mouse for Singapore 2020

It is just such a fun brand. A mix of simple ergonomic and sturdy design that works so well. It does come with a higher price tag at S$32 but looks at all the cool designs. We feel that this mouse series has the potential of reaching collectible status. With its many limited edition launches, it has made something as simple as a mouse into something desirable. We cannot stop saying the word fun. It just is.

They collaborate so much with so many different things. And we expect them to continue this way for a long long time. Hopefully, we don't know for sure. And we also know how Singaporeans love to collect things. In fact, LINE characters, Avenger and World Cup, that is as Singaporean as it gets. I guess we have the mentality that something that can start the conversation in an office or coffee place, it is worth the buy. We also do believe that the things that you buy should work and work very well. And as you can see all of our top five contenders do just that. And we sincerely hope you enjoyed reading the best wireless laptop mouse in Singapore for 2020 and have a beautiful day.


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