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Best free screen recording apps for Windows 2020

Being able to record your screen is a great way to save work meetings, share YouTube videos, and create computer and browser tutorials.

Here are some of the best free screen recording tools in 2020

Windows 10 built in capture

In case you didn't know, Windows has its own capture tool built in - Your screen recordings are synced with Xbox game play recordings, so you can access your best in-game clips through this tool too.

Best free screen recording apps for Windows 2020

To activate the Windows 10 screen capture tool, hold down the Windows key, followed by pressing G.

This screen capture tool allows high quality recording of up to 4 hours, and you can set the limit for shorter periods if you prefer, with 1 hour, 2 hours, and 30 mins being available too.

Flashback Express Player

This tool is completely free for unlimited length screen recording. You can keep this screen capture running for as long as you like (Though, we've never tried to see how far it goes, it is likely that after 24 hours the recording might cut out).

Best free screen recording apps for Windows 2020

There is a paid version available with video editing tools once you have finished your recording, however the tools aren't that great, and you can easily use other free video editing software that would do a much better job - Such as VSDC video editor.


Although it is a little more basic, Screencast-O-Matic is great for its flexibility of recording a certain area of your screen. Recording length in the free version is capped at 15 minutes, but you can crop your recording region if you only want to show a segment of your Windows device screen.

Best free screen recording apps for Windows 2020

The only downside with the video output on this one is that the free version leaves an annoying watermark, which is never great for wanting to make YouTube tutorials on your screen for free.

OBS Studio

Best free screen recording apps for Windows 2020

Perhaps the best option out there for free - OBS is an open-source recording software optimised for Twitch streaming. It has the highest quality output for screen recording, you can record for as long as you like, plus it comes with lots of editing features once you're ready to amend your screen recording, should you feel it is neccesary.

OBS also lets you implement live face cam and microphone, for seamless video to audio recording fully in sync.


Another classic, Bandicam is one of the best known PC game screen recording tools out there. Their free version allows 4K recording, while being able to implement the sound of you microphone, as well as adding an overlay for your webcam.

Best free screen recording apps for Windows 2020

You can record any screen, and crop the area you want to record if you would prefer. Bandicam is also great for its compression ability, with output files generally being much smaller than on other screen recorders.

If you are looking to record your screen, those were some of the best quick, free tools for Windows - Why not give one of them a try today?

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