• Reza Nilofer

Which laptop brand to buy?

Your laptop's time is coming to an end, you can feel it in your bones. It is also an itch for a fresh new start and a fresh new look. More importantly, this is a purchase with a purpose. A list to look out for is what's needed. So naturally, we are here to assist with a few things you can look out for when it comes to which laptop you should buy.


Branding of laptops has so much power over us and in many cases, the assumptions that we have about them are perfectly reasonable. As IT support professionals, we can begin to get a sense of brands and their average reliability. Going back to brands, it is a perception game at the end of the day. A game of projection. A game of status.

So let us illustrate for you, some of the factors you take into consideration and some highlights of these in accordance with brands of laptops available.


Visual stimulation, there is nothing wrong in owning a pretty laptop. Good design inspires, it affects your emotion in a positive or negative manner. A bulky and boring looking laptop would make a mundane task even more so. A designer would be inspired to work better on a laptop that is designed very well. Let's look at some of the more well-designed brands:

Apple: Apple, in our years of providing IT Support, has always churned out beautiful laptops as far as we can remember. An apple laptop never has a battery protruding out, or an ugly looking port sunken in too much. It almost seems the design is the highest priority.

Asus: More recently, we have discovered that ASUS laptops are becoming prettier and prettier. Especially their slim laptops, which come in amazingly vibrant colors like dark blue metal for example. We think they are moving in the right direction in encouraging the consumers to choose their laptop brand to buy.


We feel, one of the most importing thing when choosing your next laptop is the IT support that comes along with it. The best of which would be on-site IT support for your hardware which would mean the technicians will come down physically to you and repair it in front of you. If you are an individual who values their time most of all, this type of IT support package is a must, so let us explore some of the brands that provide such services.

Lenovo (IBM): Lenovo provides very good on-site reliable IT support for your laptop. Technicians will come to the site and even replace parts if they have to.

ASUS: Asus to provides on-site IT Support and this is normally packaged together with the purchase of your laptop

Dell: Dell we find provides one of the best IT Support there is. Their technicians are competent and highly reliable.

Apple: Apple products normally come with an Apple care package. But the great thing about Apple care is how you can extend the support even towards the end of your support period. Making it one of the more flexible IT support packages in the market.


Yes, bigger is better, but hear us out. It is a laptop after all and the concept behind having one is convenience. As great as a large screen is, you will be surprised at the benefits of a smaller screen. Compact laptops tend to run for longer, the screen size to battery ratio seems like a great combination. We have seen some five-year-old laptops still running a respectable time without a power source. You don't need a laptop bag for a small laptop since they fit pretty much anywhere. And best above all, that compact laptop costs less. Much less.


As fun as it may seem to fork out an extra few for an i-7 or better gfx card for a laptop, neither of these will serve you much unless you are playing games or rendering 3d images. We would recommend that you look out for dual storage, preferably an m2 SSD for your OS and an additional 2.5inch SSD/HDD for storage. And a spare RAM slot never hurts to have.


This is obvious, spend the least amount for maximum specs. But that is not what we mean. You will need laptops in the future and I think it is best to time laptops that work together with a comprehensive support package. If you can spend less than 1500 on a respectable laptop with 3 years warranty and support, it would be much easier and less painful to buy another 1500 laptop once that 3 year ends. A laptop is supposed to serve the convenience and the ease at which they can be moved from place to place. And they are one of the most susceptible things you own that might get lost, stolen or damaged. So investing heavily in one is not in your best interest. Trust us, fifteen years down the road you can see the amount of money you have saved and how well the laptops worked for you to begin with.

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