The best 3 laptops for the hearing impaired

Updated: May 13, 2020

Computers are the most perfect communication tools because they are purely visual forms of communication. But what the best laptops for the hearing impaired?

Laptops for the hearing impaired

Laptops are lovely; they are compact, convenient, and useful in many other ways. But there are laptops out there perfect for the hearing impaired. If you or a loved one is hearing impaired, you may want to consider these great options as your next laptop computer purchase.

While there isn't any laptop worthy of mention designed explicitly for hearing impaired individuals, what we did is think outside of the box and consider some design components in the shortlisted laptops that may be beneficial.

Lenovo laptop : best laptops for the hearing impaired

Number Three: Lenovo Ideapad laptop

Laptops for the hearing impaired

Our personal number three would be all the laptops under the Lenovo Ideapad series. It is designed for writers, meaning large keyboard buttons and comfortable keypads.

Its robust design can take all that pounding. Did you know keyboards can be easily damaged or wear quickly? And this is not the user's fault; they need a better design. Lenovo Ideapad has the best keyboard bar none in the market. So pound away, as hard as you can and as long as you can. It can withstand it.

You get stares, and its forgiven because you can't hear how loud you are typing. Most important is your typing, which is easy, comfortable, and sustainable.

Also, these laptop series are incredibly affordable, with some laptops costing less than a thousand dollars. Truly a bargain.

Advantage: Large keyboard letters and durable keyboard for extended use.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 : best laptops for the hearing impaired

Number Two: Microsoft Surface Book 2

Laptops for the hearing impaired

Designed for touch, Microsoft Surface Book 2 is the best touch surface laptop on the market.

Not only does it come with a fantastic touchpad keyboard (which is detachable), the entire screen is touch-friendly.

We do not have to explain to you how interesting that sounds, to be able to navigate your Windows laptop by touching the screen comfortably. You can also opt to use a touch pen to work with your laptop and draw on your laptop. Indeed a robust solution designed for those inclined with the use of their hands and the creative soul. We would love for you to try this marvellous piece of machinery.

Advantage: Optimized for users who prefer the use of a touchscreen.

MacBook Pro: best laptops for the hearing impaired

Number One: MacBook Pro series

Laptops for the hearing impaired

If money is no object, we argue that all the MacBook Pro series of laptops or MacBook Air or just a MacBook as long as the display is Retina display. They are hearing-impaired optimized. So why is that? Apple computers do the optimizations for us, so we do not have to.

A laptop with a stunning display may be a luxury and extravagance to some. But life is worth living and to stare at a computer screen with a dull display that is not correctly colour corrected could be quite depressing. Watch videos and have an ultra-high-definition wallpaper.

Life is all about enjoying and celebrating what you have, and with apple laptops, their retina display allows you to do just that. And what makes you happy keeps us happy here at IT Block.

Advantage: Fantastic display and an all-rounder.

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