Panasonic Toughbook SV8 review

IT Block gets its hand on Panasonic's brand new Toughbook SV8, a 12-inch screen business notebook with rugged features.

Panasonic Toughbook SV8 review
Panasonic Toughbook SV8 review

The first thing we noticed about this laptop, it is not the most photogenic product out there. It looks incredible in real life, though, the contours, shape and proportions are fantastic. The matt silver finish does not feel cheap; it feels robust and well-made. Best of all, it is light. According to many top ten lightest lists for 2020, the lightest laptop is the LG Gram with a weight of 0.95 kilograms. The Panasonic Toughbook SV8 is 0.91 kilogram. Of course, ASUS has the lightest laptop on the planet, which is only 0.1 pounds lighter than the Toughbook SV8.

Panasonic Toughbook SV8  front view
Panasonic Toughbook SV8

Who is the Toughbook SV8 made for?

Panasonic is aiming their Toughbook SV8 towards PMETs or Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians. We feel this laptop is the perfect laptop for a travelling professional. While it is not fully-rugged, it can withstand a fall from 76cm. But beware, unlike other Toughbooks, the SV8 is not water nor dust resistant. So please keep your beverage well clear as you should with all laptops.

Still, many underestimate such rugged features. Business travel can quickly go awry with an accidental drop of the laptop, to have something made durable seems a significant investment.