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Google G Suite or Microsoft Exchange?

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

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Google G Suite or Microsoft Exchange?

Email and cloud, a marriage that seems everlasting for the foreseeable future. Costs aside, of course, two huge players have emerged. Almost equally priced and equally strong with their respective strengths. If you have a small organization in need of a cloud-based email account, here are some points you will need to take note of for each of these IT services.

Google G Suite

Google G Suite or Microsoft Exchange?
Google G Suite or Microsoft Exchange?

When you set up and purchase a single license for a G Suite account, you have full access to all of their applications. Let's focus on the email for now, with G Suite allowing you to use your own domain as your email address. Gmail works great with Windows 10 too these days, so you don't really need an outlook software (which has some limitations with calendar syncing for Gmail) to use it. Of course, if you are still on a previous version of windows, it is probably best to use chrome to access your Gmail account. Gmail does have some great documentation that enables your email to be verified and dodge those pesky spam blockers. Which I think is an amazing feature, of course, you will need to know how to do it. Using Gmail on a Mac is an obvious choice.

Microsoft Exchange

Google G Suite or Microsoft Exchange?
Google G Suite or Microsoft Exchange?

Exchange is great, stable, quick and a favorite with windows users. Organizationally it has proven to be very scalable. Something G Suite still lacks in experience with, we are not saying it can't do it, but it's support team are nowhere near as experienced. Of course, Exchange makes sense even for a small organization and just like G Suite does not require an outlook license either (makes you wonder if we even need outlook anymore). Of course, it works great with outlook and all of its advanced features. Features that will not be readily available to a Gmail account in outlook though it's IMAP settings. However for the same price as G Suite, you do not have access to any other Microsoft office software, not even outlook, these will have to either be purchased separately or if you choose a higher tier license, you will gain access to this software.

From a traditional IT support point of view, the exchange is better in Singapore. But I think from a client's need, they are both equally powerful tools and should always be chosen above any other cloud email provider. Thank you for reading 'Google G Suite or Microsoft Exchange' written by IT Block.


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