Easy Ways to Engage Your Students via Zoom

Now that we have all been thrust into the world of online learning, we have to figure out ways as educators to engage our students when they are online. The world of Zoom meetings and Zoom classes has quickly become the new normal, and it's time for us to get on board. Here are our top tips to make your Zoom classroom as enriching as possible!

1. Share Screen

Share your screen
Engage Your Students via Zoom

A great way to test whether students understand the content is to make them present their findings to the class. Studies have shown that students who spend time teaching what they’ve learned go on to show better understanding and knowledge retention than students who simply spend the same time re-studying. Using Zoom’s share screen feature, you can assign students to cover a certain topic in groups or individually, thus allowing them to teach their fellow classmates about the content while simultaneously enhancing their own learning as well.

2. Breakout Rooms

Breakout Rooms

If there is one feature within Zoom that is central to engagement, it’s Breakout Rooms. Especially in large Zoom meetings, the ability to divide-up into smaller groups can mean the difference between a passively involved audience and an audience that is actively thinking about the content and articulating their thoughts. Once enabled, you can have Zoom either automatically or manually assign students into rooms. Even if it’s automatically assigned, you can swap students out depending on group dynamics. As the moderator you can float around and join rooms to check in on the discussion, post an announcement to all rooms, or even place a time limit on them. Once you ask students to rejoin the whole group and end the breakouts, they’ll have 60-seconds to wrap-up their discussion and rejoin. A powerful way to enable collaboration remotely!