Easy ways to buy your groceries during Lockdown 2021

Now that Singapore has entered into a softer version of circuit breaker, we have all been on heightened alert by staying home as much as we can - whether that means working from home or ordering meals to your front door. Amidst the tighter restrictions, people have once again flocked to our regular grocery stores to stock up on supplies, making queues snake around the block. Me personally; I'd much rather skip the queue and get whatever I need online. It saves me time waiting in the line and everything gets delivered right to my doorstep, what's not to love? If you feel the same, here are some online grocers you can visit during this second lockdown period.

1. Cold Storage

This is your one-stop online shop for standard grocery runs. Cold Storage is also the first supermarket in Singapore to launch a mobile app. However, it’s commonly known that Cold Storage tends to have a higher markup for certain products, but customers come back to get the premium products you may not be able to find at a FairPrice.

Delivery time: Same day if you order between 12AM to 3AM

Good for: All groceries and household needs

2. FairPrice