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Easy ways to buy your groceries during Lockdown 2021

Now that Singapore has entered into a softer version of circuit breaker, we have all been on heightened alert by staying home as much as we can - whether that means working from home or ordering meals to your front door. Amidst the tighter restrictions, people have once again flocked to our regular grocery stores to stock up on supplies, making queues snake around the block. Me personally; I'd much rather skip the queue and get whatever I need online. It saves me time waiting in the line and everything gets delivered right to my doorstep, what's not to love? If you feel the same, here are some online grocers you can visit during this second lockdown period.

1. Cold Storage

This is your one-stop online shop for standard grocery runs. Cold Storage is also the first supermarket in Singapore to launch a mobile app. However, it’s commonly known that Cold Storage tends to have a higher markup for certain products, but customers come back to get the premium products you may not be able to find at a FairPrice.

Delivery time: Same day if you order between 12AM to 3AM

Good for: All groceries and household needs

2. FairPrice

Fairprice did not lag far behind Cold Storage - they too have launched their own mobile app. It’s a household name, having been around for years, so these folks know exactly what we are looking for at home. As the largest supermarket chain in the country, with over 100 outlets across the city, it might be challenging to book a delivery slot due to the larger demand and its islandwide delivery service.

Delivery time: Ranges from two hours to seven working days from checkout

Good For: All groceries and household needs

3. Redmart

As one of the pioneers on the online grocery scene, RedMart has become quite popular with competitive prices that are comparable to those at NTUC FairPrice. Lazada's digital retail arm is home to all your daily essentials—from frozen cuts of meats and seafood, vegetables and fruits, to snacks and condiments, sold at reasonable prices.

Delivery time: Less than 48 hours (you can also choose a 2-hour delivery window)

Good for: All groceries, including fresh produce and pantry staples

4. Amazon Fresh

Previously known as Amazon Prime Now, this retailer got everyone’s attention when it came to Singapore with a 2-hour delivery service. Coupled with a user-friendly site and competitive prices, Amazon is a competitor that’s hard to beat. Also, if you’ve got specific dietary needs – organic, plant-based or kosher, – you’ll find a comfortable range of food here. Standard delivery, which takes about 2 to 3 days, is free for orders above $40. Besides fast delivery, their membership includes an underrated perk: free access to Prime Video! Pro tip: Spend a minimum of $60 to get an Amazon gift card worth $15.

Delivery time: 2 hours for Amazon Prime members

Good for: Groceries & household products

5. Ryans grocery

If you’re looking to treat yourself with a restaurant quality meal at home, this is the place to be. The gourmet store and butcher is home to an array of premium and organic meats sourced from sustainable farms in Australia. Apart from its selection of meats, the store is proud to offer a wide range of gluten free products - from snacks to delicious wines that pair perfectly together.

Delivery time: Same day if you order before 11AM (subject to availability)

Good for: Grass fed & organic meat, products with special dietary requirements, fresh fruits & veggies

6. Little farms

Look no further than this speciality store for delicious and wholesome fresh foods, as well as organic products that’ll come in handy for those healthy recipes you’ve been meaning to cook while hunkering down. Apart from high-quality meats, they are also famous for their in-house sourdough bread. Online grocery shopping here is also easy on the wallet. With no middleman (the produce is bought directly from farms and suppliers), costs are thankfully kept low. Pro tip: Check the recipe section that's filled with a ton of simple and delicious meals, made with ingredients you can find on the e-store.

Delivery time: Same day if you order before 11AM

Good for: Imported meat, fresh fruit & veggies, organic produce

Bottom line: there is an online grocery store for any and every food craving. From affordable snacks to gourmet meats - these online stores will have you covered through lockdown, and you may even find yourself becoming a long-term customer beyond the pandemic.


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