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Best External Webcams For 2020

Updated: May 20, 2020

Looking to invest in a webcam but not sure which one to go for? Don't worry, here's a great guide to some excellent webcams on the market in 2020.

Best External Webcams For 2020

5. Logitech C930e

Best External Webcams For 2020

Logitech has always been up on the list of the best webcam suppliers in the 21st century, and deservedly so. They manufacture some of the highest quality lenses for pretty affordable prices.

One great product they sell is the Logitech C930e, which at a cost of S$210.00, may seem pricey, but the quality matches this price tag for sure. Logitech has said this product is their most advanced HD camera yet. It has a unique processing feature, whereby webcam recordings are processed within the webcam itself, this will most likely result in far better raw video quality compared to other similarly priced webcams.

Especially good for conference calling if required, the Logitech C930e comes packed with a 90-degree scope of view, so you can have many people in focus at one time behind the camera. The Logitech C930e is also certified by Skype, so no need to worry about running into errors!

Overall a great buy - However, the previous C920 model is almost just as good for a much lower price tag.

Best External Webcams For 2020

4. Mevo - Live stream On The Go

Best External Webcams For 2020

Coming in at almost twice the price of the Logitech C930e, the Mevo is a fantastic high-end webcam which can be used anytime, anywhere. Different from the traditional webcams, this device supports instant live streaming to a number of social media platforms, such as Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo & Periscope.

With the Mevo due to support streaming instantly to Twitch soon, it is set to become a go-to device for online streamers - Twitch is a huge platform for video games streaming, bigger than YouTube.

The Mevo webcam films in 4K quality, with 2160 p resolution and supports up to Bluetooth 4.1. You can get your hands on this excellent product for around S$450.00 on sites such as Amazon.

Best External Webcams For 2020

3. Razer Kiyo

Best External Webcams For 2020

We all know Razer is great for their gaming hardware, but this product is the cherry on top of the cake. The Razer Kiyo is a uniquely designed webcam, which focuses more on live streaming benefits than anything else. The Kiyo features a ring l

ight, to help balance the lighting of the streamer. This product is best suited for avid streamers and broadcasters as it is compatible with OBS and Xsplit.

You can nab this webcam for just under S$200.00 online, the Razer Kiyo can be plugged in and set up fast and easily, and will produce high-quality video, up to 1080p resolution. Alternatively, to keep your content looking more crisp in terms of frame rate, there is the option to stream in 720p resolution with 60 fps (frames per second).

Best External Webcams For 2020

2. Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000

Best External Webcams For 2020

We can all trust in Microsoft to deliver industry topping products, and the LifeCam HD-300 is no exception. This is the most affordable webcam on this list, and it certainly packs everything you'd like in a quality webcam.

The Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 comes with noise cancelling capabilities, as well as powerful colour correction, and resolution up to a maximum of 720p. Overall a great cheap webcam with enough features to call it under priced.

If buying online, expect to nab the Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 for under S$50.00!

Best External Webcams For 2020

1. Logitech StreamCam

Best External Webcams For 2020

Remember that we said Logitech were one of the world's best webcam manufacturers? Well, guess who tops the list for the best webcam in 2020. The Logitech StreamCam is virtually perfect in its design and features. Buying the Logitech StreamCam online will cost you around S$250.00.

Labelled the best webcam for content creators, the Logitech StreamCam comes packed with an array of industry leading features. 1080p resolution, as well as smart focus auto-exposure, this ensures that the webcam captures the best view of you from whatever angle or lighting, as it will auto-correct any degrading dark areas in the camera view.

Along with this, the Logitech StreamCam carries facial tracking, and can process content up to 9:16 format, just like in some blockbuster movies!

Overall, for a price of S$250.00, the Logitech StreamCam can be deemed the best external webcam for 2020, it packs a lot more features than the rest of the list, and is lightweight, modern and just perfect to enable live streaming, video conferencing, and content creation at the simple click of a button.

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