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5G May Be Safe - But Is It Worth It?

5G technology is in the middle of rolling out worldwide, but is it worth it?

5G May Be Safe - But Is It Worth It?
5G May Be Safe - But Is It Worth It?

We have seen 5G towers get cut off due to protests about the safety of 5G technology, as well as rumours it spreads coronavirus (COVID-19), and dangerously high levels of radiation. Although there is radiation, it is not dangerous, and what's probably more dangerous is the masts that are being destroyed due to the confusion people are feeling over its potential effects on humans and the environment.

5G May Be Safe - But Is It Worth It?
5G May Be Safe - But Is It Worth It?

Is 5G Data Worth It?

5G May Be Safe - But Is It Worth It?

If safety isn't an issue - Then the benefits of 5G are probably someone to look into. Depending on how it is being used, it can provide more use to one person than another. If you're in the market for a new mobile phone, you may be considering whether to go with another 4G phone, or bite the bullet and "upgrade to 5G" - If your 4G speeds are already decent enough (20-50 Mbps),

you're probably not going to notice any

difference in loading web pages if moving

to a 5G carrier.

The changes that you could see are downloads on Google Play, or the App Store, loading considerably faster. 5G will probably surpass 1Gbps, so HD movie downloads on your corresponding stores could take less than 5 seconds to download to your phone, as opposed to over 5 minutes on a 4G service.

5G May Be Safe - But Is It Worth It?
5G May Be Safe - But Is It Worth It?

If you're wondering whether it is worth it, have a look into the cost of a 5G phone - The Samsung S20 Ultra is selling for just shy of S$1,900.00 - Compare this to the standard S20 model which supports 4G, costing S$1,300.00, and you may want to evaluate whether an extra S$600.00 is worth this speed increase.

This is especially crucial as the 5G network is still far from being complete, and you will most likely not reach the advertised speeds of a 5G phone for quite a while (Over 12 months away most likely). Maybe think about holding off until the network is fully operational and there is a bit of competition between 5G providers and their retrospective deals on offer.

Where Else Will 5G Be Important?

5G May Be Safe - But Is It Worth It?

Self driving cars, this will be probably the most valuable consumer's benefit due to 5G roll outs. If you have a self-driving car, the faster the speeds you are getting to your car's data signals, the better your car will be at responding to its surroundings, and ultimately, this reduces the number of collisions that could happen on the road market-wide.

5G May Be Safe - But Is It Worth It?

4G technology can make self-driving cars possible, but people will always to agitated to test this kind of technology. A further upgrade to 5G could increase the margin of safety 10-fold, as speeds in excess of 1Gbps mean a self driving car is far more intelligent than any human driver, this would make self-driving cars a technology that could be mass adopted in the next few

years or so.

Other industries include smart homes, hospital healthcare (scanners, x-rays and large scale computers), as well as manufacturing, farming and retail. Ultimately - any purpose other than a smartphone will see much more noticeable benefits with 5G technology, as cost-cutting, improved efficiency and more autonomous procedures will adapt these industries for the future of the world's cellular network.

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