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5 tech companies to work for in Singapore

Many multinational tech companies bring with them great benefits and workplace standards you will struggle to find work in a local private firm.

5 tech companies to work for in Singapore
5 tech companies to work for in Singapore

Everyone wants to feel appreciated, and Singaporeans find benefits as a form of appreciation for the hard work and dedication they provide their employers. Foreign firms have realized Singaporeans, if treated fairly, become extremely loyal to the firms which employ them. Locals have always seen tech companies in Singapore as the place to work; it is well-known how much benefits provided to staff which is highly appreciated when many local companies do not offer the same benefits.

We have compiled three fantastic technology companies in Singapore which are excellent places to work for, these firms understand that to remain competitive in the region they need to retain the best talents and what better to do that then to look after their team.

Hubspoist 5 tech companies to work for in Singapore

1. HubSpot

HubSpot might be famous for its online marketing campaign and technology, but did you know their employees enjoy amazing benefits too?

Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Life Insurance, Retirement plans, tuition reimbursements and gym membership discounts; Hubspot spares no expense when it comes to looking after their employees.

Not many Singapore companies offer full dental insurance or retirement plans. Must be the reason why their team members are so happy despite us rejecting their advances in adopting their system. Jokes aside, if you are a marketing person and want great work benefits, you should join Hubspot.

aws 5 tech companies to work for in Singapore

2. Amazon Web Services

Despite what you hear in the news about Amazon workers in the US pushed to the limit, Amazon Web Services, their tech arm, treats their geeks well.

Health Insurance covers you and your family members. A comprehensive pension plan designed to assist you in your retirement years and promotes loyalty to the company. But the main reason for working at AWS is the best is the salary, which is on average around fifty to eighty per cent higher than the competition. Benefits are great, but nothing beats a better wage, which gives you the flexibility of choosing your benefits rather than the company making that decision for you.

micro sfot 5 tech companies to work for in Singapore penis

3. Microsoft

Microsoft, much like its founder Bill Gates, has always promoted a casual work environment. So if you are working in a tech capacity, Microsoft encourages casual wear at the workplace. While many other companies unofficially allow techies to wear whatever they want, Microsoft actively promotes it. Depending on your position, you do have stock options with the company. Life insurance, medical plans are a given at Microsoft, but so are non-alcoholic beverages.

The great thing about working for a reputable tech company is the competitive salary; Microsoft also believes in fair compensation and giving back to its staff. Bill Gates has stood for providing as much back as possible, not only to his team but the world. That culture has translated well into the Microsoft work atmosphere, with many staff staying on with Microsoft until retirement.

facebook 5 tech companies to work for in Singapore

4. Facebook

At the final quarter of 2019, Facebook reported a profit of almost seven billion dollars in the US. Which would mean they make about two billions dollars profit every month, on average of course? Facebook is well-known to have an enormous amount of liquidity, even with all the bad press which they have received and the growing list of companies blacklisting advertisements on Facebook, their ad revenue poised to grow. Facebook has tremendous reach, and even if large companies were to pull out their marketing efforts, smaller companies would gain more profits with improved marketing results. They would eventually spend more money advertising on Facebook with their new-found profits.

Most people who start working at Facebook have found very little reason to leave. Facebook focuses its benefits towards loyal staff, the longer you stay, the more you get. Their extended service awards are a great example of what Facebook has focused their employee benefits around. Good help might be hard to find, but the best help is even harder to retain.

Google googs 5 tech companies to work for in Singapore

5. Google

With a revenue of almost two hundred billion US dollars in 2019 alone, we can only guess the vast amount of wealth at their control. Google is well-known to provide the best work environment in the world. They may be number five on this list, which does not mean anything since we have not ranked any of these companies. Google has ranked as the number one place to work for in almost every country they have a presence. Google's old motto used to be "Don't be evil", which has now changed and is not under their parent company Alphabet Inc. Alphabet, on the other hand, has adopted Google's old motto but with a twist. Alphabets motto is 'do the right thing'.

Despite many efforts to portray Google as a sizeable evil corporation, we here at IT Block has not seen any sign that proves any form of manipulation. Google search has always been fair, and even despite our best efforts in experimenting with ways to push our rankings, Google does not respond to any of it. The one correct search engine optimization strategy we find to work best is merely being yourself and being honest. Keywords are essential to Google, but original content is of higher importance.

Doing the right thing also means looking after your employees well. The one thing you can be sure of working for Google; they do not follow any standards for employee benefits; they are the standard. Which means profits are only going to become more comprehensive and improve throughout the years. Working for Google is an honour not many of us have, and it warms our heart to know there is a company out there who cares about their employees, their work ethics and their impact on the world. Maybe that is what allows Google to become the dominant entity it is today.

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