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Will Microsoft Come Out Stronger Than Ever?

Updated: May 20, 2020

Microsoft, perhaps the world's largest company in terms of market value (Over $1 trillion), will be looking to grow out stronger than ever before, following the last 2 months of the global pandemic surging across the world.

Will Microsoft Come Out Stronger Than Ever?

Microsoft, founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, has consistently been a global market leader in software development, mobile, PC and licensing products worldwide. It is unsurprising that the tech giant has consistently been included in numerous lists for the top 10 companies worldwide by overall performance. It was at the turn of the millennium, when computer technology was really taking off, when Microsoft established themselves as the leading company worldwide, with software like Windows XP, Windows Vista and soon enough, Windows 8,9 and 10 being made available to computers.

I can guarantee, if you ask anyone in a developed country what Windows is, they will have some knowledge that Windows is what comes as the desktop interface for your computer, and it is absolutely fantastic (Unless you're a Mac fan and like the IOS formats of course!).

Will Microsoft Come Out Stronger Than Ever?

Microsoft Edge - Edging Out Chrome? (If you pardon the pun)

Will Microsoft Come Out Stronger Than Ever?

Google Chrome, widely considered the default search engine for PC/Mac users worldwide, has been hit with scrutiny as of late. A recent update caused thousands, if not millions, possibly over a billion users, to be told to update their browser immediately with a new security patch.

The new flaw that had been discovered has meant it is possible for hackers to easily access sensitive information through your Google account without having to pass through verification steps. The issue is being referred to as a Remote Code Execution (RCE), and may allow hackers to change the range of controls across your entire PC, as well as running harmful scripts without Google Chrome making you aware or sending verification texts/pop ups.

Since this has come out to the media globally, Microsoft has been ramping up promotions and advertisements wherever it can add them in, this is an attempt to switch over as many internet users as possible, over to their search engine Microsoft Edge. They have been placing ads in Microsoft Outlook, on the Windows 10 search bar, as well as being tapered all over their main website/s.

Will Microsoft Come Out Stronger Than Ever?

Windows Computer and Laptop Sales Booming - A Look at Microsoft's Stock Prices

Will Microsoft Come Out Stronger Than Ever?

It will be no surprise to hear that Microsoft has been one of the winners from this pandemic (It would be highly controversial to say they were just lucky this pandemic came to light). Microsoft has been one out of a bubble of companies, including the likes of Amazon and Tesla, who have seen their stock prices either hold or rise throughout the first quarter of 2020.

Currently Microsoft's stocks are trading at a price of $174.00. After suffering a brief and heavy dip in February (Reaching a low of around $137 per share), Microsoft now look to be soaring back up to their early 2020 highs back in January, where they narrowly tipped over $190.00 per share. As more people adopt products like Windows 10, Surface laptops and tools like Microsoft Office and Outlook, it'll be unsurprising if we see Microsoft's share price surpass the $200 mark before the time it is August/September, when (hopefully) some restrictions caused coronavirus will have been eased, allowing business to kick back into action across the world.

Will Microsoft Come Out Stronger Than Ever?

Microsoft Teams Now Steps Ahead Of Zoom?

Will Microsoft Come Out Stronger Than Ever?

We've seen a handful of stories in the news, Zoom facing security and data flaws, and Microsoft Teams having the odd downtime. Both of these video conferencing apps have been adopted worldwide by millions, if not billions of individuals, and hundreds of thousands of businesses. They are tools that are in high demand and both have offered great flexibility no matter how many people are needed in a conference or group call.

Although Zoom has been noted as the go to application for individuals and those wanting family gatherings digitalised, Microsoft Teams simply offers a more secure, business friendly layout and interface. Teams has been around with a reputation longer than Zoom, and with Zoom already being in the news for a security blip (They have done well to rectify and patch this flaw to be fair), it is probably fair to say that Microsoft Teams is seeing the biggest demand worldwide.

Since the last time Teams had some downtime, it has since performed exceptionally well, with up to 45 million daily users, it is no wonder that Microsoft is seeing its market value top $1 trillion, and its share prices soar again. Microsoft has been enjoying a great last month as home working becomes the norm, and with things unlikely to change, we doubt that Microsoft are in anyway unhappy if sales are still as high as they would expect during "normal" times, if there even is such a thing as normal, these days.

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