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IT Support 101: Find your laptop model number

IT Support 101: Find your laptop model number

Where is my laptop model number and how do I find it?

Below we have listed out three straightforward ways for you to locate the model number of your laptop for the operating system (Windows or Mac) and the circumstances of your situation.

We are quick, and this is an urgent request from you, we know.

Laptop model number sticker

Method One: Look at the sticker (Windows)

The easiest and quickest way is to close your laptop, wait, after reading this. So you close your laptop, flip it over, and the information you need is on the sticker.

If there is any confusion, copy the first four to five lines and take it from there. We understand that you are speaking to someone who is asking for the model number of your laptop for various reasons, be it maintenance, warranty, or selling it to someone else. Please provide them with all the details of the first four to five lines or better, take a picture as we did and send it over. They know what to look for; you don't have to worry.

Method 2: Command prompt (Windows)

IT Support 101: Find your laptop model number

As long as you have administrator access to your laptop, this is a very straightforward way to find the information you need.

Open Command Prompt. And all you need to do is input the command 'wmic csproduct'—press enter.

It does not necessarily give you much, but some of the information here can be useful to a vendor if they are sourcing for parts on your behalf.

And that is all the methods we have for Windows that are straightforward and easy to find out. If you have the original box, your laptop came in; this would be a lot simpler. And we do not blame you for recycling. We thank you for it.

Method 3: How do I find the model of my MacBook?

Method 3: How do I find the model of my MacBook?

Apple has a habit of not indicating the exact model number anywhere on their devices. Yes, you know it is a Macbook or a Mac Pro. But the specific model number that you need to learn the specifications is slight, let's use the word awkward, to find.

First, you need to go to the top left of your macOS and click "About this Mac". which should open a tiny window with a critical piece of information, your computer's serial number. Copy that information down somewhere.

Next, you have to go to a webpage: https://checkcoverage.apple.com/.


Input your serial number inside 'Enter your serial number'. Click on 'continue'. What they show you here is the exact model and make of your laptop. Pretty straightforward too, we think.

And there you have it—a swift piece of information that you need, a particular article to help you. So save the link and use it to send to people who have the same issue. We hope it has helped you and we hope this allows you to help others too!

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