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The best way to deliver and transfer files for professionals

The best way to deliver and transfer files for professionals IT Block IT Support Singapore
The best way to deliver and transfer files for professionals

What is the best way to deliver and transfer files for a professional over the internet?

You are a working professional, and you own a business. You wish to transfer files to your clients; large files fast and securely. You do not want to use the big names and the standard software. Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud and Microsoft OneDrive are too mainstream for you. You wish to stand out; you want to use the best because you wish to the best service provided to your client. You wish for a hassle-free alternative; you want your client to click a link and download your files as fast as possible. You know what you want, and your pride in providing an excellent service. And you wish to pay good money for such a service, so here is what is out there, if you can afford it.


The best way to deliver and transfer files

Hightail does provide free file transfer as a service too, and you want your customers to know you mean business. Only a premium tier service for them. You value the content you wish to share, it is secret, it is secure, it is crucial. If enterprise-grade security is what you are looking for at a fast speed and premium price, Hightail is what you need. With plans that support sending files up to 100 GB in size to your clients, that is a huge file. If you are dealing with media rights and sending famous scenes from movies, for example, this is what you need.

Hightail it to your clients is what they call it.

NUMBER 2: WeTransfer Plus

The best way to deliver and transfer files

You have heard of WeTransfer for sure. It allows you to send files to people at a reasonable speed for free. But do you know they have a premium tier as well? Can you subscribe to their premium tier and send files of up to 20 GB to your clients for only 12 dollars per month? That is cheap in terms of bang for the buck and fantastic speed. WeTransfer does the job just as well as the rest. The reason why it has beaten Hightail here is solely because of price. For the amount you pay, you get a large file size that you can transfer. Of course, this may not be ideal if you are transferring huge files. You may have some prototype 3-D sketches that you wish to send, something with an IP, and something with a larger file size than 20 GB.


The best way to deliver and transfer files

Right now, if we are honest, Digital Pigeon is the best. Their business plan is going for $249 per month. And you can transfer up to 200 GB or more, yes you heard that. Larger files can still transfer, contact support and they'll help you out. They are not a simple solution. They hop on Amazon Web Services as their infrastructure provider and use Amazon's CDN (content delivery network) to quickly deliver files from one corner of the globe to the other. So even if your client is on the other end of the planet, he downloads your file at the fastest possible speed available. That is professional to the max core. You can customize the portals to your business requirement, meaning your client does not even see Digital Pigeon, they see your company logo. And it is made to look like it is a service provided by your company and not Digital Pigeon. That is going to do a lot for your professional look and feel of your company.

Conclusion - The best way to deliver and transfer files

So there you have it, the way you like it. Who needs all these free tier programs, you need professionalism and your brand to shine. Not theirs. We always sincerely hope that these blogs help with your business and your strive towards true professionalism. Always remember, if they cannot explain it to you directly, it is because they do not understand it well enough themselves.

Thank you for reading 'The best way to deliver and transfer files' and we hope you have a beautiful day ahead.


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