Top five remote IT support software for mobile device

Top five remote IT support software for mobile device

More users are using mobile devices such as tablets and phones to do work; Inevitably, remote IT support must extend to these devices. In most cases, we are very familiar with IT support software that connects to your desktop, whether you are using a Windows PC or a Mac. But what if you are so used to your Android or iOS mobile device? Can you get support on these? You sure can and let us show you the best software available on the market that provides you with this IT support. And unlike the IT support extended for computers, mobile device support platforms come with their own IT professionals on standby to support you.

Top five remote IT support software for mobile device

Number five: Zoho Assist remote IT support software

The thing that amazes us about Zoho Assist is the free tier of IT support. Of course, with free things, there are always caveats. It only extends to desktop support, and we do not know much about the other restrictions placed. But if you need IT support for your mobile, you have to fork out some money, about 13 USD or 17 SGD to be exact. This is not too bad if you are a professional who wishes to have the IT support of 1 technician full time allocated to you twenty-four seven, three hundred sixty-five days a year. It is a fantastic price and a bargain. And just like all of these IT support, it boasts a minimum of two hundred and fifty-six-bit encryption so you can rest easy knowing your communication to these support staff are safe and secure. So why does Zoho Assist make it to number five and not higher, we base this ranking today on usage and not enough users to justify a higher ranking.

Top five remote IT support software for mobile device

Number four: Beyond Trust remote IT support software

Founded in 1985, we don't consider them to be a new player in the market. Still, the name is unfamiliar to most, but trust us, they are one of the best solutions out there in the market. Their support team not only solves your mobile device issues, but it extends IT support to Windows and Mac OS as well. The one reason why this stands at number four despite its widespread use. It is the price. Firstly, they do not reveal their price really, and from the price they have listed, it does not seem to be a cheap option. So this may not be the ideal solution for a small business organization at all; designed for the enterprise market.

Top five remote IT support software for mobile device

Number three: Rescue by LogMeIn remote IT support software

This is not the same as LogMeIn pro; do not get these two confused. Pro is for IT teams and personnel to use as an infrastructure, whereas Rescue comes with IT support technicians who assist you remotely. Some of their features include:

  • Named/dedicated license 24/7

  • Support Remote control & file transfer

  • Remote diagnostics

  • Unattended access

  • Helpdesk software integrations

  • Reboot and reconnect

  • Top smartphone and tablet IT support

  • SMS connection method

  • Mobile device configuration

Pricing is very reasonable, we think. Paid annually and with IT support for mobile, costing around 145 USD annually. That's not bad at all. It is cheaper than Zoho Assist. As a solution, we think this is still relatively new, but Logmein as a company is not. We have been using their servers for work for such a long time. It is a fantastic platform and a fantastic company. One that we trust.

Top five remote IT support software for mobile device

Number two: Zendesk remote IT support software

Coming in at number two is zendesk which starts at the pricing of only five dollars US each month! Wow, it does not wonder companies like Uber, Airbnb and Disney use them to lower their support cost. After all, they are very reasonably priced. Of course, these companies are not going for the five dollars per month pricing range, most likely they are going for the Elite package at 199 USD per month. This is obviously for high-level IT support and we do not assume that you would be interested in this anyway. Some of the features here:

  • Web, mobile, email, and social media support

  • Customer context

  • Business rules

  • Apps and integrations

  • Analytics and reporting

Not bad we think. They are such a popular IT solution and we do not really see much of a downside of trying them out at five dollars per month. If it does not work out, try the others. Worth the try we say.

Top five remote IT support software for mobile device

Number one: TeamViewer remote IT support software

The most popular out there in the market is TeamViewer. Bar none one of the easiest to use and the simplest to run and install from the end-user perspective. You need to take note that you have to add on mobile devices as an IT support add-on if you wish to receive IT support for it. And together purchased with the bare bone package of a single user, expect to pay around 50 USD or 71 SGD per month. Should you pay annually, there is a slight discount. One of the highlights of TeamViewer is its ability to support Windows tablets as well as Android and iOS tablets. Which, to us, makes it a clear winner. Other IT solutions may be able to provide IT support for it, but they do not seem to advertise it, so we assume that they do not. With many tablet users going with Windows tablets since it is the only real work solution when it comes to a mobile device, remote IT support needs to include them. And there you have it as someone else once said. Your top five. Useful right? We think so.

Thank you for reading 'Top five remote IT support software for mobile device' and have a great week ahead.

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