Top 5 best short throw or ultra-short throw projectors for business and home

Updated: May 12, 2020

short throw or ultra short throw projectors

We believe that ceiling projectors are a thing of the past. We would never recommend them to our clients, and why would we? A ceiling projector no longer makes any sense for these few reasons:

  • Inaccessible

  • Difficult to install

  • Hard to connect to the ports

  • Reliant on the remote control

  • Not user-friendly

Short throw projectors, on the other hand, are down here with us. You place them close to the wall or the screen right at the front, where you are presenting. Plug it in your laptop cable to the right port, and you are good to go. You can move it anywhere and aim it at any wall; you do not even need a screen if your wall is white. And most of them these days come with applications within them and easy to use software interface. Do we need any more points?

In any case, this top five list best short throw or ultra-short throw projectors is just too close to call. Any of these five mentioned on our list would be a great buy in our opinion. Let us begin!

Epson best ultra-short throw projectors

Number 5: Epson Home Cinema LS100

Top 5 best short throw or ultra-short throw projectors

Launched at the end of 2017 and with several accolades, the only reason this projector is at the end of the elite pack is because of how outdated it already is. As with all electronics, anything more than two years old is almost close to being obsolete. But this Epson still holds its feet as one of the first pioneers in the ultra-short-throw projector market and is still able to compete with the best of them. Unfortunately, this won't be able to display 4K display and stops at 1080p, which is a full high definition at best.

best short throw or ultra-short throw projectors

But hang on a second because if you look at the cast array of input it has, there is just nothing quite like it. You don't even need to plug in and out a device since it has three HDMI ports. Just buy one HDMI extension for your laptop presentation, and You are good to go. It is even compatible with your old VGA connections, and your client is using a ten-year-old laptop, perhaps. We do not know, and it does not hurt to be well prepared.

LG best ultra-short throw projectors

Number 4: LG HF85LA Projector

Top 5 best short throw or ultra-short throw projectors

That name is so easy to remember. They may need to work on their marketing. So here we have at number four the LG's very own ultra-short-throw projector. And this is the higher end model going for one thousand and eight hundred dollars in the US. With a lower range model at a five hundred dollar discount. And either way, such a bargain compared to the rest of these ultra-short-throw projectors out there.

LG HF85LA UST best ultra-short throw projectors

Being a bargain got it to number four on our list, but does come at a price. And the main price we feel is brightness. When it comes to the projector, light is the enemy. When you wish for a projector to be still able to deliver vivid and deep colours on the wall and with light, the higher the lumen count, the better. LG unfortunately we feel may struggle if you wish to project with light in mind. Close the curtains, and it's workable. It also has a very bookend design; we mean it does not take much space horizontally—a decent amount of ports with a few HDMI and some USB ports here and there. Like we said, a decent try by LG at an affordable price.

Viewsonic UST best ultra-short throw projectors

Number 3: ViewSonic LS830

Top 5 best short throw or ultra-short throw projectors

With 4500 lumens, this is one powerful ultra-short-throw projector to have come out back in 2016. It has earned the reputation of being road-tested because it has been around.

It has a long projector lifespan of between fifteen to twenty thousand hours, which is around six hundred to eight hundred full days of use. This means there may be many people out there trying to upgrade themselves out of this to a newer model. So you bargain hunters out there could ask a few questions about how much it has been used and find an outstanding deal.

best ultra-short throw projectors

Apart from being blindingly bright, just like the Epson, it does boast a phenomenal amount of inputs. From analogue to HDMI. And this is what we mean; you need that ease of access, which is the ground in front of you. It is not even a challenge. For a ceiling projector, if you lose the remote or have to change the cable connection, you would need a ladder. But not with any of these ultra-short-throw projector solutions. You do not even need a television in your living room anymore. Enough said.

Optoma best ultra-short throw projectors

Number 2: Optoma GT5600

Top 5 best short throw or ultra-short throw projectors

The cheapest and most affordable all the options we have listed so far, Optoma's ultra-short-throw projector is an excellent choice for anyone. You may have noticed by now that we have been showing mostly home cinema projectors, and for a good reason. Because projectors are projectors. There are those aimed at businesses, but they look boxy, and they are not short throws. If you are a small business with some limited spending capability, this is the right projector for you. Simple, sleek. Elegant, and it works. Decent amount off brightness that still allows you to use it in a room with ambient lighting.

Optoma best ultra-short throw projectors rear ports

Not an extremely large number of ports as some of the others, but the important ones are there. And that is what matters. Also, did you notice that many of these projectors have an Ethernet point? That is because they allow you to connect to them via your local area network and display the contents of your browser. There are however many limitations to this type of output we believe and not being that easy to use, we think the best is to plug in your HDMI cable into it—simple solutions to a simple problem.

Mi Laser best ultra-short throw projectors

Number 1: Mi Laser Projector 150"

Top 5 best short throw or ultra-short throw projectors

Now when we talk about having everything, this has everything. Xiaomi has outdone itself with this one, becoming an industry leader almost immediately. Their latest in their line of ultra-short throw projector is the Mi Laser Projector. Capable of displaying up to one hundred and fifty inches of screen with it's impressive five thousand lumen brightness. We don't think this projector can outgun the sun; it is trying to do so, which we respect.

Mi Laser best ultra-short throw projectors

It has an android operating system, with a straightforward and elegant user interface. We have seen many businesses combine an Apple TV to a projector for ease of use. With this projector, you don't even have to. You have the operating system user interface, and you have the hardware that is required. And you barely need space to use it.

This projector is what technology is all about, cramming everything right into a simple, elegant design that looks good, feels good and plays good—a great addition to both the office and home.

It is impressive what Xiaomi has done, and we hope more brands improve their game now that they have taken the lead. Well done, Xiaomi!

Thank you for reading 'Top 5 best short throw or ultra-short throw projectors for business and home' and we hope you have a beautiful day ahead.

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