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The Xencelabs PEN TABLET Medium Bundle Review

Xencelab sent us over this fantastic Pen Tablet bundle to review. What makes this tablet worthwhile, and does it makes sense to get the entire bundle?

Xencelabs PEN TABLET Medium Bundle

First thing, since this is a bundle, let's do a quick run-through of what you get. With a price of almost five hundred US dollars, it does seem to be a relatively affordable bundle for professionals.

What is inside?

Xencelabs PEN TABLET Medium Bundle

Technically, they are not pens. The term is a stylus. Still, to us, it's a pen. From the first feel, the finishing of the entire bundle is impressive. The tablet feels solid and not at all flimsy. The materials used seem to be durable. Considering how they provide additional stylus tips to account for wear and tear, the designers of this product clearly expect it to last a very long time.

Is it easy to install?

We gave the box to our IT Technicians to see if they could figure out the installation quickly. Mind you, these are technicians used to set up servers and network cables. And according to them, it was manageable. What does manageable mean? Effortless for them could mean a little tricky for you. So, we don't think the installation was as easy as they led us to believe.

Xencelabs PEN TABLET Medium Bundle
Xencelabs PEN TABLET Medium Bundle

Does it work?

Once they got it to work when they installed it as a mouse. The technicians were able to use it and commended the smoothness of the writing. The responsiveness of the device was also fantastic. Worked the same both on laptops and desktops. Feels robust and of high quality.

Our Verdict:

You can find a cheaper pen tablet in the market; that is a given. Some professional brand pen tablets come at a higher price point than the Xencelabs Pen Table medium bundle. We need to remember the word 'bundle' where parts are not sold separately here. Replacement tips for your pen you would have more than enough to last you a decade easily. Maybe we are wrong, perhaps you will go through all those tips in five years, but the device seems to promise longevity.

We would expect to find the Xencelab pen tablet in future professional graphic artist and editor suites. It seems to be made to last. And these days, not many brands aim to create high quality and reliable products.

To repeat, this is a professional tool, in our opinion. Made by professionals for professionals.


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