What is slack and how can it help my business?

Updated: May 6, 2020

What is slack and how can it help my business?

In the era of email threads as we all know and love, there are now solutions out there, free solutions specifically designed to tackle this problem. And this is where slack comes in, permanently replacing workplace email threads to look more refined, controlled and productive. We could stop this blog right here because it is that simple. Slack the app designed to replace internal emails in the workplace. And in some cases, even external emails.

What is slack and how can it help my business?

Online business discussions and meetings with slack

So why are we talking about slack? Think of this blog as a review and a discussion at the same time. We here in IT Block see massive potential in this mostly free to use the software. Why is it, you ask? Because the free tier will only keep a maximum of 10,000 messages, anything more, you will not be able to recover it until you become a premium user. They have two premium tiers, the standard and the plus. Standard is well, standard. You get to enjoy most of the premium privileges, and with plus, you could provide remote support. Which is why we think it is a neat solution to a problem that we have faced continuously, what is the best way to support without our clients incurring any costs when it comes to provisioning and providing Active Directory support.

Slack replaces your business email for communication internally

How it replaces, email is the same as how a Whatsapp group works. We suppose. You can have a direct correspondence with another user, or there can be a group chat. The difference is how Slack perfectly integrates with many third-party applications like DropBox, Twitter, MailChimp, RSS feed, Google Calendar, Zendesk, Outlook Calendar, GitHub, Google Drive, Salesforce, Canva, Data Dog, Stripe, Hubspot, Zoom, Skype, and what have you. And this is how they change the game; the applications that work with Slack are almost limitless. They have the top apps from marketing, sales, IT, operations, human resources and every other department you can think of in the workplace, which makes it a potent platform integrated with many essential work-related applications you would use daily. The ease at which you can share resources, links, posts and files with your group allows for work to be done at a much more effective and efficient pace. No more will you have to highlight your email thread and trace messages when they are available for you to see in a very easy to use and navigate manner.

How else can Slack help my business?

What is slack and how can it help my business?

It could address a problem that most work-life balance environments in business may face, a distinction between work and personal communication. It is challenging to identify urgency through a text message, which is where emotions can ruin a conversation. Yet Slack still addresses the need for instant messages being sent out in the office and with notification options can provide a viable alternative than your co-workers contacting you via mediums and space you may find personal. This distinction can play a huge role where employees may start to abandon communicating with one another via email, which is rather slow and unproductive. The ability to integrate many high applications and attach these said applications almost immediately to a co-worker can save hundreds of hours of work each year. Some of which is merely waiting for your email server to send out an email and bounce it back to a co-worker seated less than a few meters away from you.

The end of work e-mail with Slack for business

What is slack and how can it help my business?

Let's face it. Emails are a great alternative to regular snail mail. It is also a great way to keep track of messages you have to deal with, and if appropriately organised, it does make your work a much more efficient and reliable process. But Slack is better because it removes that rude and impersonal aspect of an email. Do not get us wrong. Emails are a great way to deal with clients. You want that buffer between communication, and it is healthy. Your co-worker seated next to you expected to write an email to them rather speak with them. The whole aspect of this familiar work policy dehumanises us and reduces our social emotions. We know the person is right there, but you are bound by some rule to only communicate by them via email. And calling them on the phone or sending a text message is considered to be insulting to the workplace.

Improved efficiency with Slack for Business

What is slack and how can it help my business?

While slack communication is immediate, ideas could flow as fast as thought. Brainstorming sessions and meetings will become a thing of the fast. You get to stay at your chair and still be social with your co-workers. It does sound a lot like Skype too. Because it is, but it brings out the best of what Skype had to offer. It also brings out the best of what Whatsapp had to offer. Skype and Whatsapp could do the same thing, and they failed. So Slack picked up itself. Get the pun?

The future workplace is becoming more and more intrusive and yet less invasive too. Applications like Slack allow groups of individuals to work and communicate effectively with one another wherever they are. And this could pave the way for a more effective way to work from home. Which is exciting, and we are excited by this product. We cannot wait to start implementing it ourselves. We love the name and the brand. We love slack.

Thank you for reading 'What is slack and how can it help my business?', we hoped you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it.

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