Our review of the best virtual data rooms

Our review of the best virtual data rooms

In today's virtual data rooms (VDR) business world we have revolutionized the exchange process. A virtual data room is cloud storage that is protected against access by unauthorized persons, as it has implemented many functions for data protection and access control. All or some of the documents can be viewed by authorized participants in real-time. You do not need an email service or another file-sharing program to share important data with colleagues and partners. Virtual data rooms use encryption protocols for information security and its exchange processes. The best virtual data rooms offer a level of military security, multilingual support, full-text search, text linking and a wide selection of other advanced features Lets discuss some best virtual data rooms in detail.

Our review of the best virtual data rooms

1. Ideal’s virtual data rooms

The iDeals virtual data room is a popular data exchange platform that has been used by more than 4,000 companies in the world since 2008, including many Fortune 1000 firms. Its success is based on an ongoing commitment to technology, including Continuous R&D research, a strong cloud infrastructure, and instant customer service availability. Representatives from around the world can fully comply with due diligence requirements through the advanced exchange of documents with iDeals technology and unwavering security.


  • Document Management Systems (DMS), is that the procedure of an ADPS and computer code to collect, achieve and trajectory electronic documents and automated pictures of paper-based mostly info took through the employment of a document scanner

  • Thousands of documents and files are mechanically numbered as you allocate or move them. No got to produce or fill in the info area index by hand.

  • Document secret writing on exposed and transfer panels the right to use the file. Document contact rights are often abolished even once the document has been copied.

  • Outlook the virtual information area insides through an efficient boundary improved for mobile devices. Roll through practicality permits you to easily head to consecutive document in an exceeding folder straight from the document you're presently watching. this protects tons of your time once you got to glance through many documents.


  • Safety

  • Streamlined User environment

  • Permissions elasticity.

  • Easy to set up

  • Reporting of various data rooms


  • Installation needed for downloading encoded files.

  • The automatic time zone finder function is not working properly.

  • Service leading a live chat is next to unmanageable.

  • Download speeds can be freezing.

Our review of the best virtual data rooms

2. Deal Room virtual data rooms

A multi-stakeholder project management process that eliminates complexity monitors progress and offers insight that can detect problems before they become issues. Deal Room is up to 40% faster than a Dataroom and up to 50% cheaper. Instead of worksheet trackers, emails and a Dataroom, faster business deals use a process management tool.


  • Users will transfer documents in loose kind by a drag-and-drop boundary.

  • Users can even smear watermarks to documents and apportion consents for observation, silk-screening and transferring

  • The answer uses machine learning to sight duplicate requests and mechanically fetches existing responses or documents.

  • Services are offered on a monthly subscription basis with support via email, phone, and live chat.


  • DealRoom is incredibly straightforward to line up, transfer and share docs on a confidential basis.

  • The client support team is very responsive and works to resolve your issue inside twenty-four to forty-eight hours.

  • I like however user-friendly the platform is. one of my favorite options is the ability to relabel the documents index order if necessary, not like most competitors.

  • Incredible Project Management options and unlimited volume on a monthly subscription.


  • There is not a great way to add summary comments or notes to the notification email on new files uploaded. Additionally, the file name gets cut off in the cover email notifications.

  • I wish it had a Q&A feature similar to most competitors. One other feature I would suggest is the ability to "white label" the platform allowing a more personalized feel (company logo in the corner).

  • It can take 30 min. for support response.

Our review of the best virtual data rooms

3. Google Drive virtual data rooms

Google Drive enables users to store information about business in one location. Users can access desktop and mobile records and maintain, however, team members must share these files. The stage includes a central management board, data loss hindrance, and a drive vault to validate operator agreement and file sharing. Google Drive deals with tools such as Docs, Sheets, and Slides for team cooperation. Teams can produce and share new documents with members.


  • Google Drive assimilates with third-party applications plus Document Sign for e-signatures.

  • CloudLock for extra safety layers and LucidCharts for models.

  • Operators can exposed dissimilar file types like PDFs and MPEG4s.

  • They can effort on Microsoft Word files straightforward from the drive.


  • Capability to cooperate with others.

  • Google Drive is not only a cloud storage facility provided by Google, but it is also a set of implements that can increase the working of web pages and Blogs.

  • The gem of this set is the continually-live-updating feature, which is steadily saving each modification made and can work with different editors working in a single document at one time.

  • The biggest benefit to using Drive - whether it's Sheets, Docs, Slides, or Sites within Drive.


  • My main objection about Google Drive is the absence of formatting and design choices for different things like Google docs and Google slides.

  • For me, it's stress-free to create locally, upload to the cloud and edit cooperatively. Each member of the team uploads their chapter to a master document or that correction can be made to the document by several people at the same time.

  • The dependence on an internet connection is a major fault.

Our review of the best virtual data rooms

4. CapLinked virtual data rooms

Caplinked is an automated file sharing and document management solution based on the cloud that helps companies looking to share confidential documents with third parties. Mergers and acquisitions deals, capital raising, insurance, asset sales, and due diligence are the most specific uses of the software. The activity dashboard of CapLinked enables users to track alerts, display recent activity, and manage messages and contacts.


  • Activity Tracker

  • CapLinked offers combination with Salesforce, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and Google Drive. Customer support contains 24/7 email and phone provision to all clients.


  • Compared to comparable options, CapLinked is a decent worth for the product.

  • Healthy features


  • The reports' customization feature is absent.

  • Not many provision guides are accessible.

  • The main con is to have to dealings with a CapLinked to delete a data room.

Our review of the best virtual data rooms

5. Secure Docs Virtual Data Rooms

Secure Docs is a virtual information space tool used for storage and distribution intimate documents each internally and externally it's suitable for productions of any sort and a variety of activities as well as used throughout due meticulousness, unions and attainments, audits, fundraising, business estimates and additional. Secure Docs permits users to regulate their information by consent-based user’s roles, lively watermarking and customizable non-revelation contracts.


  • DirectStructure

  • Drag and Drop Folders and Documents

  • $250/Month

  • Limitless Users and Data

  • Built-in Electrical Signature


  • Rock-solid safety

  • FTP site for allocating files and software

  • Very spontaneous to use associated with other options

  • Equitably priced

  • Safe


  • You can't give a user to more than one profile

  • The 1 gigabyte per session download limit is the smallest point about the software, but it makes intelligence due to stop people form regulating the entire download stream.

  • As Associated with other data room suppliers that are more pricey it is disappearing some nice features.

  • It would be nice if Secure Docs enabled text search.

Our review of the best virtual data rooms

6. ShareFile Virtual Data Rooms Software

ShareFile Virtual information Rooms is on evidence and cloud-based virtual data room that helps traders of all sizes. It provides asset banks, non-public justice risk capital, biotech, prescribed drugs, assets, and different administrations. Primary options embody info safety, audit logs, user-contact management, and news. Other features include document and approval workflows, electronic signatures, activity logs, mobile editing, text search.


  • Document and approval workflows

  • Electronic signatures

  • Activity logs

  • Mobile editing

  • Text search

  • Check-in/check-out

  • Older invitations and click trails.


  • Easy to use.

  • It holds tons more data than our previous file-sharing software and is not a two-step process like the previous one was.

  • Provide access to use a high-quality computer in any location where you have internet access.

  • It's very intuitive.


  • Slight delay in large file sizes.

  • It is not as intuitive to use as other similar products. It is easier to use through the desktop than on the actual site.

  • Screen sharing is not possible.

  • Sometimes the Gmail extension is a little wacky, so it doesn't work 100% reliably.

Our review of the best virtual data rooms

7. Dot loop virtual data rooms

Dotloop is a cloud-based service for real estate experts that assist in full deals. The software is right for agents, groups, managers and service providers. It provides a cooperative stage with a reliable border. For service workers, the software offers a way to attach with new managers and clients. As a contract occurs, the photo and contact details of both parties are showed to facilitate communication.


  • For service workers, the software offers a way to attach with new means and clients.

  • As a transaction happens, the photo and contact facts of both parties are displayed to an e-statement.

  • Dotloop for teams derives with structures such as a logo builder and chart review.

  • Making Transaction Management Controllable.


  • Dotloop has a spotless, instinctive crossing point.

  • The mobile app on this system allows me to create and share documents quickly and fastly.

  • It can be used for digital signature, paperwork filing &obedience records, messaging interoffice and with customers, and for responsibilities.


  • Just like each real estate software it does not do the whole thing and that is ok but of course, the purposes of not being able to upload picture files are sometimes difficult.

  • The app could use some additional features but the lacking features are definitely not enough of an interruption to keep us from using it on a daily basis.

Our review of the best virtual data rooms

8. Dignify virtual data rooms

Digify is a virtual information space resolution for businesses of all sizes. The platform integrates encryption, access management, rights management, dynamic watermarking and file following in one place. With Digify, users will produce unlimited information rooms for various comes and recipients will access them on browsers without having to use a plugin. With role permissions, information space homeowners will assign co-owner, contributor or viewer roles to invited users.


  • Users can make limitless data rooms for diverse projects and receivers can contact them on browsers devoid of needing to use a plugin.

  • With role consents, data room owners can allocate co-owner, funder or viewer roles to requested users.

  • Owners can also rearrange files rendering to an index and have the choice to add terms of contact which helps as a built-in NDA.


  • Ease of use for external users.

  • Digify is highly intuitive.

  • Digify creates a simple way to give and to revoke access to individual documents as needed.


  • The login process can be better designed.

  • It needed minor tweaks the Digify team did those for us in real-time.

  • The levels of administrator access are not intuitive.

Our review of the best virtual data rooms

9. Firmex Virtual Data Rooms

Firmex Virtual Data Rooms is a HIPAA-obedient cloud-based virtual data room key for minor, midsize and large initiatives. It provides unions and attainments optional, firms, funds and secluded equity, medicinal, withdrawal and vitality, investment banks and law firms. Main features include document management, data security, user invitations, user activity, audit trails, and reporting.


  • · Two-factor verification.

  • · User-access administration.

  • · Email upload and drag and drop.

  • · Users can establish new documents by applying the versioning piece of the software.


  • Firmex VDR is user-friendly. It offers the aptitude to clasp quickly amongst plans, has an instinctive folder erection, and allows for easy uploading and seeing of documents.

  • The functionality is flawless for running a VDR to share official papers and files with many gatherings while controlling the document movement and user-friendliness of any party on any document.

  • The custom sharing platform is protected.


  • The disadvantage of this software is that we cannot allocate different consent or admission levels to people in the same group.

  • The timestamp cannot be modified to local time, it's always EST available.

Our review of the best virtual data rooms

10. Huddle virtual data rooms

Huddle is a cloud-based project management platform that helps manage various project functions and collaborate with other team members to organize teams in dealings across multiple business verticals. Main forms include file sharing, control of the document version, demand for files, etc.

The addition of Huddle with Microsoft Word allows users to work in Word and automatically update their variations in Huddle.


  • Users can modify their workspaces.

  • Huddle also features an offline more and applications for iOS and Android devices, which allows users to remotely access it.


  • Eccentric product and supplier.

  • Useful, Stress-free, and Supported.

  • Most functional cooperation tools.


  • I wish it had improved calendar functionality to help track the team's schedule.

  • Basic document holding.

  • It is applicable to companies that have no rules on the topic of safety.


As the announcement has made an obvious and essential change to the online territory, having a safe space to share documents and cooperate with colleagues or customers is important for any fruitful business. From storing company notes for future allusion to firmly sharing company financials and intelligent property a virtual data room is precious to guarantee that your intimate company data is dense to malware or annoying third parties. This kind of stage is also valuable for basic announcements amongst teams or customers as opposite to email communication which can rapidly become untidy and complex. Not to indicate the inadequacy of broad document sharing stages, such as Dropbox or Google Drive, to uphold a high level of safety for large measure and high-revenue deals.

Virtual data rooms let businesses to endure prearranged while still cyber safe with their info without needing to build additional extranets. When it arises to conduct intimate information, a virtual data room benefits lawyers to inaugurate a responsible relationship with their customers. The organization is vigorous in business with a large number of documents – virtual data room’s agreement and control features that let customers classify their documents correctly and opposite the council to catch it simply for their appraisal. With watermarking and the aptitude to invalidate document contact, only confidential third parties are allowed to outlook this data. All over at present laborious and time taking process such as a lawsuit, a customer’s mind should be put at comfort knowing their crucial info is behind iron-clad security and continuously under their control. While these are the most recurrent uses for virtual data rooms, they are by no incomes the only ones. Virtual data rooms are usually used for developments as varied as investor reportage, corporate rearrangement, fundraising, financial checking, intelligent property organization, making of IPOs, and much more.

Thank you for reading 'our review of virtual data rooms', and have a wonderful day.

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