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Best wireless headphones for Netflix and chill 2019

This time instead of a top three or five, we are simply going to do a Best all rounder, Best value and Best sound. It's a new direction we are taking. We looked across a few data to determine our rankings. We looked at reviews, other top ranking sites and most of all since we are in Singapore, we looked at realistic availability. Anyway, don't worry about trying to find them, we have found where you can buy these. Just click on the respective pictures and whoosh, your money is gone. Like the wind. An interesting point to take note is that humidity is the enemy when it comes to leather, especially the type of fake leather used in many of these headphones. So be aware that these leather will almost always peel because of Singapore's unrelenting humidity.


Let's hit the ground running with best all rounder: 1. Best all-rounder

Sony MDRRF995RK (around S$350)


  • Wireless closed type headphones.

  • range of up to 150 ft away.

  • Noise-reducing technology.

  • Simple to connect.

  • Voice Mode button.

  • Soft ear pads.

  • 20 hours of battery life.

We do take note that it is not exactly readily available here in Singapore, no idea why the Sony stores here never stock up on the real good stuff coming off their production line. If you're not in Singapore, you may have a better chance at finding this gem of a headphone that we feel is perfect for those TV chillout moments. Easy docking, easy charging, reasonable battery life. And if black is a color that hits your soul then it's black too. We know it is a little tough to find in stores here in Singapore, but there is always online shopping. We do not think you should ever miss out the experience to a proper wireless headphone for the television. It as a very cool "voice" mode that enhances the voices in your favorite television show or movie. Finally you get to hear what those pesky mutterings are all about.


2. Best value

Avantree HT3189 (S$158.90)


  • Outstanding wireless Stereo audio quality.

  • Fast stream low latency technology effectively removing transmission delays.

  • Real audio and video synchronization.

  • 3.5mm (&RCA cable) plug standard to most audio devices.

  • Ultra-soft over the ear pads with adjustable headband.

  • Long working time - up to 40hrs.

Now this is very readily available in Singapore. Avantree is a relatively new brand especially in Singapore. Many of their headphones have made it to numerous top ten lists on many review websites. What we have always found with new companies is their products tend to over compensate for the price. It is a strategy to break into the market and Avantree has done an impressive job at that. It does not come with a docking station which is it's shortcoming. And it makes up for it in delivering an amazing wireless experience when it comes to watching the television. It is specifically designed for television watching and gaming on the console. What is most impressive is the very long battery life, forty hours in fact. This is the main factor it has made it to this list since charging should at best be only a weekly thing. Like charging it on Sunday night before the work week. That makes sense to us.


3. Best sound Sennheiser RS 195 RF (S$639)


  • Plug-and-play setup

  • Support up to 2 headphones simultaneously

  • Great Sound Quality

  • Bass Boost mode

  • Intuitively-designed controls

  • Cable-free charging

  • 18 hours battery life

The only downside we see, is the 18 hour battery life. But who cares. It has a docking station and it charges wirelessly! So unless you plan on a lord of the rings marathon, you should be find after each watch. Put it back on it nice pedestal and it recharges. The dock or base station supports up to two headphones at the same time, which means you and your special friend or pet can watch it together in peace. This is not cheap, not by far and the price we have shown is the recommended retail price set for it. You can find it on a discount of a few hundred dollars but still that is a lot more than the other. This headphone is for those that can afford it. It is pure quality and a much more affordable option than buying an entire sound system or one of those expensive sound bars. So if you look at it from that perspective, it makes a whole lot of sense.


Having television headphones in the house is a great investment. You don't disturb those neighbours and the neighbours cannot disturb you. Your family can sleep in peace and you can watch in peace. None of those pesky baby noise disturbing your binge watching, let someone else solve that problem for you. Children need to learn to not cry for everything. So needy.


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