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Best Posture Correctors for Working From Home 2021

We slouch infront of our desks for at least 40 hours a week and crane our necks on our phones for the rest of the time. It's been over a year since the pandemic decided to halt our usual activities, and constantly straining our bodies can really take a toll on our back health. But it's not too late - there’s still time to fix that bad posture of yours. Here are our top picks for posture correctors to use while you work from home.

If you simply need that reminder every now and then to sit up straight, you could try the UPRIGHT GO Posture Device. This compact device and its app help you improve the way you sit and stand by sending a gentle vibration when you begin to slouch. You should feel improvement in as little as two weeks. Its small size also makes it incredibly easy to bring with you wherever you go, whether it's working from the office, at home, or even during dinner.

For something with more support, the ACE Posture Corrector could be a great option for you. This works by stretching your chest and shoulders, to open up the front side of your body and help return your posture to a more natural position. The comfortable shoulder straps will help you wear this corrector for long periods of time, and the soft material is easily disguised with clothing. The neoprene fabric makes it very breathable, soft and lightweight and the hook and loop straps provide a comfortable and stable fit. Not to mention, its unisex, so both men and women will enjoy the fit.

If your lower back is constantly aching after a long day, use Betterback for a 2-in-1 Therapy and Posture Support System. According to them, the keystone to good posture is the pelvis, which is why BetterBack works by stabilizing your pelvis to restore your spine’s natural curvature and provides additional lumbar support. Its lightweight and portable, to make every chair you sit on ergonomic. What’s great about BetterBack is its simplicity - just unwrap it and strap it on for a custom fit that works every time. What's more, it comes with heat and ice therapy features for extra relief

Here’s something just for the ladies. If you’re looking for something that supports both your front and your back, Kinflyte is the brand for you. Not only are their products stylish, but they are also made with high quality and comfort in mind. The back of the bras and tops are lined with power mesh to provide comfortable, targeted compression in key areas of the shoulders and upper back. This, together with the shoulder straps, helps the wearer into a neutral spine position. The wide straps reduce pressure on the shoulder blades and help roll your shoulders back. The brand has also successfully incorporated sizes from A to DD, and is sure to continue expanding their range to fit every woman.

Now, if you’re looking to invest in a whole new work setup for the long run, here's a product that's perfect for you.

This portable workspace is an easel, desk, and chair in one product and lets you work in a kneeling position, which supports a neutral posture. The first of its kind, the kneeling pads help you take the pressure off your lower back. The desk is adjustable, letting you find your custom settings for the most optimal comfort, and easily folds right back down for portability and storage. While the desk itself may not have too much space, it comfortably fits your laptop. The groove is also specifically designed for snapping on accessories such as a cup holder, phone charger and even a USb light, to keep your workspace clutter free while keeping your belongings within range. Now pain and clutter free, the Edge Desk is meant to boost productivity so you never have to worry about wasting time again.

Ultimately, do remember that posture correctors are merely a brace, and not a permanent cure. You can use posture correctors to train your muscles, but in the end exercise is still the best medicine in the long run. Here are our top picks for the best posture correctors you can use as tools to achieve better back health in the future!


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