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IT Services by IT Block

IT Services Singapore

Here is a full list of our IT services outside our standard IT support package, from IT corporate training to disaster recovery, we cover any and all aspects of IT solutions for your office. Based in Singapore, with a dedicated team here, we are confident in providing a high-level IT Support customer service experience for your business.

IT Services page corporate

IT Services Singapore: Training

First, on our Ad-Hoc IT Support & IT Services is our Corporate IT Training. From cybersecurity syllabus covering passwords, phishing, etc. 
To ERP familiarisation. IT Block provides the most comprehensive training that is easily digestible.

You can even offset our IT Support hours for such training.  

IT Services Singapore cybersecurity

IT Services Singapore: cybersecurity

No two companies are the same and no two cybersecurity measures are the same either. 

IT Block employs and deploys tailored Cybersecurity under our ad-hoc IT Services. And if you add that to our IT Support package, it will allow us to secure you better. 

IT Services Singapore - Disaster Recovery

IT Services Singapore: Data Recovery

IT Block not only recovers your data on your behalf as part of our ad-hoc IT support & IT services. We also destroy data you do not want falling into the wrong hands. 

Data destruction is important to preserve the security of not only your data but your client's data as well.  

IT Services Singapore: Hardware procurement

IT Services: 
Hardware Procurement

IT Block has partnered with numerous distributors to ensure our clients have a seamless and fuss-free experience when it comes to purchasing new hardware.

For a more comprehensive service experience, get our IT Support package and we will also set up the new hardware for you. 

IT Services Singapore: Office IT Setup

IT Services Singapore: 
Office IT Setup

Moving office is a tough exercise. Especially when it comes to moving your IT infrastructure. You need a professional to come in and guide you with the best practices available. With our experience in IT Support, you can be guaranteed your office IT setup would be set up in accordance to your operational requirements.  

IT Services - SEO Singapore

IT Services Singapore: 
SEO Singapore

IT Block considers itself an infrastructure specialist. SEO, unlike SEM, is part of your website infrastructure. 

SEO is essentially making it easy for search engines to read your website. With our experience in IT Support and managing our own website, we are confident we can give your website the boost it deserves.  

IT Services Singapore

IT Services Singapore: 
Server Maintenance

IT Block is at its core a hardware specialist. Behind all the software, cloud applications, there has to be a physical product. 

Our expertise is not only setting up and building servers, but we know how to keep them running in tip-top shape. We provide server servicing as part of our ad-hoc IT support and IT services.  

49 Joo Chiat Ln, Singapore 428106 

Tel: +65 69729314

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