Email Administration IT Support and IT Services

IT Block is your email IT Solution specialist. IT Support that makes a difference.

Emails are bouncing back, retrieving slowly, corrupt attachments, setting up for a new employee and migration. Small organizations face the same problems as big organizations do; it would help to have someone around who knows what they are doing.

Importance of email IT Support

Emails have now become a core function and as a result, are an essential infrastructure IT Solution. IT Block goes as far as to say emails connect you to the outside world, think of it as a road that bridges your office to everyone else.
A right IT Support provider can ensure your email flows smoothly, ensuring every little function, even cloud sync is working as it should. 

Email records IT Support

We provide high-level verification services for our clients. Meaning we ensure that the correct and right TXT records are input into your DNS records. Which prevents your email from ending up in most spam filters out there. Most email inboxes allow emails from verified mail servers, and that is what we do for our clients. 

IT Block provides a comprehensive range of IT services as part of our IT Support retainer package to our clients.

Mobile email IT Support

Studies have shown more and more professionals addressing their emails through mobile applications and solutions.

IT Block not only provides IT Support for desktop-based email but also mobile-based as well. Understanding the different administration strategies required on different mobile operating systems have become part of our IT services job scope.

Email cyber security training

IT Block understands the vulnerability in emails used by hackers to phish out relevant information from organizations. Providing IT Support to strengthen the security of your email infrastructure is not enough.

IT Block provides corporate training as part of our IT services in which we can better train organizations on best practices to ensure the security of essential data.

Cybersecurity is ever-changing, and IT Block advises our clients on what they need to maintain the integrity of information as part of our IT Support and IT services. Contact us today for a quote.