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Who should buy a Mac?

Incredibly, we may be the very first to address this on a tech blog. Who should buy a Mac?

Who should buy a Mac? | IT Block blog | Singapore IT Support
Who should buy a Mac?

And for those who are less familiar, an Apple computer. Apple computers henceforth referred to as macs are not quite like windows computers. They work differently. Windows aims to give the user more control and customization, whereas a mac takes away much of the responsibility and keeps it's focused on the user experience. So the main question was, who should be using it? We have listed down a few groups and explain why said the group would benefit much more from a mac rather than a windows computer.

Who should buy a Mac? | IT Block blog | Singapore IT Support
Mac for Designers | Who should buy a Mac?

Designers should buy a Mac.

We know it is quite a cliche. But there is an excellent reason why macs and designers go hand in hand. There is a perfect reason why Apple is so focused around its retina display technology and their new retina OLED screens. It is all about colour correction. Macs do something that windows tend to struggle with; it is to show colours meant to look like on the screen. There is no blue, red or green tint to worry about.

What you see is what you get and above all else, the details are amazing. Even if you are using a small screen on a mac book pro, you can guarantee that your screen is already optimized to show you the correct colour. Colour that matches when you print the image on an image printer knowing full well that the colour that comes out the same. Macs have always done graphics well, and they always pride themselves in optimizing the settings for you, so you don't have to. It is like having a guitar that always auto-tunes itself.

Who should buy a Mac? | IT Block blog | Singapore IT Support
Mac for video editors | Who should buy a Mac?

Video editors should buy a Mac

Much like designers, be it graphics or whichever, video editors are also frequent users of macs. A Macs design is to show colours well, which is of course extremely important when you are an editor doing colour correction settings on your video. Applying filters and gamma correction cannot be accessible if the screen is not showing you exactly what you need to see. But something else is needed, a graphics processor that can handle all of that processing. We are not talking about 3-D here. But videos still do require rendering and processing. Macs have always designed around that and for that. If you go to any video production company, we can guarantee that you see almost all of their editors on a mac.

But mac does not claim that their computers are for video editing, they are claiming that their computers are the best computer for professional video editing money can buy. How is that for confidence? And they are not lying it is, they are front-runners here in this field.

Who should buy a Mac? | IT Block blog | Singapore IT Support
Mac for Sales & Marketing | Who should buy a Mac?

Sales & Marketing should buy a Mac

There is a MacBook that is only 2.03 pounds heavy. That is less than one kilogram of weight! Decent processing capability does what is needed and fast. Easy to support and you can keep extending the apple care. All it requires is an update once in a while, and it is good to go.

But most of all, it is lightweight and convenient. It is also very reasonably priced, which makes it in our minds a perfect computer for sales and marketing personnel. These two departments are always moving around, and you want something they can use that is not only compact but lightweight. That makes sense. And the sleek design of Macs screams professionalism to clients on the other side of your laptop. Any of these are a perfect reason to have a mac each for your sales and marketing staff.

Who should buy a Mac? | IT Block blog | Singapore IT Support
Macs for Office & Admin | Who should buy a Mac?

Office & Administration should buy a Mac

Whether your office is small or large, your staff in the office managing administration, accounts, office and other general work also need a good computer. So do we still think a mac would be very helpful here? We think it might be economical too. A mac mini is a perfect computer for the office for two reasons other than cost; it is reliable and very safe to use.

A lot of the times we get worries about how malware, viruses and other security issues could arise from your staff. Humans are naturally quite inquisitive, and maybe by mistake, they go to a website they should never go. Macs are known to be extremely secure and fool-proof in this respect. Not only that, but it also simplifies many application processes for its users. For example, it does have Microsoft Office and is compatible with most third-party accounting, HRMS and ERP solutions out there in the market. Macs are also very good at maintaining good keychain records, so your staff do not always have to remember their passwords all the time. And best of all, there is minimal downtime when it comes to macs. Trust us, we know. We provide IT support. We hardly have any mac related issues.

The most important thing to take away from this is how Apple designs. They design to take away options and allow you to focus on what is essential. I mean if you are not using Windows Powershell or a user that needs to use AutoCad to design an essential 3D part or require a custom computer that can render a large amount of information or maybe a user who likes to have control over all the settings and preferences of their computer if you want your computer to turn on and surf the internet. The casual everyday user who checks email, answers emails, makes a skype call sometimes. You want your computer always to work. You are a mac user, my friend.

Thank you for reading 'Who should buy a Mac?'.


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