• Reza Nilofer

The benefits of using VPN at work

VPN - Virtual Private Network

A VPN or a virtual private network is like a street gang. It's like a gang of internet servers, and like a gang, snitches get stitches. None of these servers will reveal the source of the traffic or at the very least make it very difficult to trace. So when you are trying to connect to a website, the VPN servers will mask who you are and make it look like the source of the request is coming from somewhere else or someplace else entirely. VPN servers can make it look like you are actually in another country. So say you wish to watch a video that can only be accessed in a particular country, if your VPN has a server in that country, you would be able to view it. Here in this blog, we will highlight some of the uses a VPN can have in the office.

VPN Security

VPN security

VPNs are great for security. Using such an application is always a great asset to a company. And considering how you are taking the initiative to secure your company's asset, they should be thankful. There are many ways a VPN protects you. Let's say there is a malware in your laptop; a VPN may make it hard for the programmer of that malware to trace you. In this case, a hacker or a phishing email sender may have successfully installed a key-logger in your laptop. This key-logger software can log down everything that you have typed, even your password. A VPN could make it confusing since your connection ties to so many servers and encryption; it makes it next to impossible for the key-logger software to send the information back to the source successfully. Hacking and other forms of malicious attacks are also much more challenging to pull off. And the thing about hackers with ill intent, they want the easy target. They will only go for the easy target. VPNs are great tools to put them off your scent.

VPN Anonymity

VPN anonymity

Some employers make your IT department monitor their staff at a level some would say is intrusive. We assume that we say it's invasive. They can follow your emails, what site you are on, and many other weird requests we get. And we are after all doing our jobs and to be fair there is an easy workaround this type of staff surveillance, yes you guessed it. VPN software, the good ones that mask you completely.

Most employers do not want their team to know that they are doing such intrusive monitoring, so if your VPN can prevent them from finding out, chances are they would be too shy to call you out on it in the first place. Just do what you usually do, surf what you need and answer your emails to clients with confidence. Unless it is company policy that was explained to you when you signed the contract underemployment, an employer has almost no right to demand access to such information that would be considered personal use of your own time. Of course, packaged in a way where they can make you tell them what you do, but that is verbal, and you can say pretty much whatever you want.


We are not naming names. But some countries are not very Facebook or Google friendly. So you are on a business or work trip to this country only to realize you no longer can access some websites you require to do some critical work research on (wink, wink), lucky you had installed a VPN software when you were in your office back home. Do take note, in many cases, you would not even be able to google or find a VPN server from servers in the countries that block access to websites.

So make sure to do all the necessary installation before you fly out, which is pretty and visible. Now that your VPN activates in said country, you can choose a server at whichever country you want and poof; now you can load all the websites you were ordinarily able to view back home. Nifty.

Cheaper air travel

Yes, you heard us, this is a real thing. So you see how it works with airline tickets, the tickets priced according to who is buying them and where you are buying them. Let's say you are purchasing a ticket from a country like the US, Switzerland, Germany or Luxembourg; those tickets are going to be pricey. So let's say the flight is from Germany to Bali. And suppose you use your VPN to access the same flight website from an Indonesian server, prepare to watch the price drop. Airlines do these all the time, and it is an open secret. The person who is seated right next to you could be paying half the amount. A person seated in business could be paying the same amount as you. Sometimes your company may give you a budget to book your travel ticket and allow you to keep the balance. Or maybe they give you a budget, and you want to get the best seats available for the amount.

Also, this could be very beneficial for your holiday travels on the cheap.

Public WiFi

Let's say you have to attend a meeting with a client in a public cafe where the WiFi is open and not secure. It is relatively easy for a malicious individual to hack anyone on the same IP address range when it comes to intercepting your network traffic. So a phone call could be recorded, and web traffic monitoring. It is not a very complicated task for a seasoned hacker. And you can make it way more difficult for them to trace your route, that is why you should be using a VPN. As mentioned before, a VPN provides access to a secure and vast array of servers that act as a secure tunnel for your connection. So connecting to a website and having a web chat can be secured very quickly if done through a VPN connection.


VPNs allow us to be a little careless with which sites we go to and what we click. Too many of us are so unsure about which place is safe to click on that we end up hurting our research for work which is where a secure channel connection a VPN offers can be a huge relief, your staff in the office can google things and click away without any fear of infecting their computers with any malicious software. That is one of the high power you will have. Gone will be the days of guilt.

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