The Effects Of Fake Coronavirus News

Coronavirus news is the main conversation topic basically everywhere, right? Well, what if we told you that a good proportion of the news surrounding coronavirus, is fake?

If you have you read your local news website recently, you'll see a lot of news articles saying things that are overly optimistic, overly pessimistic, some are waffle, some make sense, and others are a complete shambles. The harsh reality is, news websites are going to alter news stories to generate more traffic, even in tragic times like these.

Coronavirus Vaccine News

The Effects Of Fake Coronavirus News
The Effects Of Fake Coronavirus News

Ah yes - the key we need to fix this pandemic - Without an effective vaccine, we will just have to adapt to life with this kind of virus. News articles, however, are throwing out stories and rumours that vaccines might be ready in 6 months, 2 years, and some have said 36 years! The truth is, nobody knows whether a vaccine is even possible... We have never made one before, but science is also more advanced than ever before.

Some news companies will have "Fake" stories, not fake because they're untrue, but because they're reporting from the opinion of somebody who has no dealings or expertise in the vaccine industry, and without getting the view from a qualified vaccinologist, it can be easy to assume all kinds of outcomes for when this so-called vaccine could be ready (if at all).

There are reports that Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, is out to get us, conspiracy theories like these get us nowhere. These fake stories are used as clickbait because the topic is trending and people will see the big bold letters of CORONAVIRUS, and instantly read.

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