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Should you invest in a cloud-based phone system

When you want to implement home working, or even add features to your setup, an on-site PBX (Private Branch Exchange) isn't going to do you any favours, especially if you're leasing this system and only getting the features you really need.

What Is A Cloud Based Phone System?

Having a cloud-based system means that your setup isn't managed on your premises, rather in large scale off-site data centres, where your extensions, services and features can be managed for you. You don't have to worry about having a big piece of hardware in your office or factory. You will get handsets, however, these handsets will be IP configurated, so can be programmed to work from anywhere, not just on the IP address at your office (These will work by using the dedicated ethernet port).


Cost Savings

Why You Should Invest In A Cloud- Based Phone System

By switching to a cloud-based PBX, you won't only save on equipment costs, but also call charges, maintenance costs and charges to set up new users. A cloud-based setup is flexible in the sense that you can scale up your users as your business grows. If you invest in a cloud setup, you may also be able to set your employees up with a free calling app, where you can make and take calls via your mobile phone (Otherwise known as a softphone). Call charges are greatly reduced and are usually inclusive of your package when you opt for a SIP/VoIP setup.



Why You Should Invest In A Cloud- Based Phone System

If you want to hire more staff, on a traditional PBX you're going to have to get another handset ordered and plugged into the system, and your new employees are also stuck to the office. Especially in times like these, a cloud PBX is going to make it much easier to bring in new staff, you can have them join your organisation on your softphone application, where they can either work from the office, remotely, or from their home. Everyone has a mobile phone these days, and it seems more appealing to just have your staff download an app on their mobile, instead of giving them a new PC, a new desk and a new phone, which is costly and uses up precious office space.


Less Or No Downtime

Why You Should Invest In A Cloud- Based Phone System

If you're on a traditional PBX, when it stops working, you're going to either need to call an engineer in, or figure it out for yourself - Both of these scenarios can be stressful and costly. With a cloud PBX, your provider will have your setup routed to many different locations in numerous data centres, so if one location goes down, there are backup locations that make it much less likely for your phones to experience downtime. If your phones do end up disconnecting, your provider can dial into your system remotely, so you won't need to pay callout or maintenance charges as a result of your system failing to work.


If you're thinking about investing in a cloud system, now is a perfect time. You can switch to implementing home working quickly, you can save on maintenance and setup costs, and it's overall a much easier setup to use and manage. Bear in mind, a cloud PBX will require a valid internet connection, so if you don't have a router, we would recommend investing in a good enough router, to ensure you can stay online and keep your business running efficiently.


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