IT Support 101: How To Enable Home Working For Your Business

If your business primarily operates in an office-based setting, with employees using computers, laptops, printers, etc. It may be worth considering how flexible you can be for your staff, in the form of homeworking.

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, a form of animal contracted Coronavirus, companies around the world are now beginning to fear the consequences of possible lockdowns in localised cities, including areas around Singapore. As we know, no deaths have been recorded so far in Singapore, however, it is inevitable that case numbers will rise without full travel restrictions, and with Changi Airport being one of the world's busiest transit airports, it is easier than ever for this virus to spread and leave companies as well as employees with no choice other than to stay away from the office eventually.

IT Support 101: How To Enable Home Working For Your Business
Home working for businesses

If you're a business owner with an office-based setup, this can be the best time to implement a home-based working strategy. When it comes to home working, having a properly constructed cloud network is essential, your staff needs to be able to share and work with files day-to-day. Good examples are Microsoft Sharepoint or Dropbox which are free to use for storage up to 1TB.

Telephony is probably the most important aspect of being able to distribute tasks to your employees. With a properly managed IT Solution, you can implement IP Telephony (Internet Protocol), to enable conference calls and meetings without having to have a physical system in your office. Hosted Telephony especially, is a great solution to ensure you can communicate even from your own home. VOIP phones can be set up from home with easy plug and play, and tools like Skype and Whatsapp can be great alternatives to keeping in contact with your staff while they work from home.

IT Support 101: How To Enable Home Working For Your Business | Singapore IT Block
IT Support 101: Home working

A good enough laptop or PC may need to be purchased to enable home working if employees cannot "take their desks home", in addition, a solid internet connection is highly recommended. Consider giving your employees ethernet cabling to connect directly with their home routers, to improve upload and download speeds.