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Ever Heard Of An Air Conditioned Helmet? No, We Didn't Either, Until Now...

American inventor Steve Feher launched the worlds-first air conditioned helmet back in 2018, but we thought it would be a cool thing to share with you all as Feher's product range has grown coming into 2020.

Unlike what most people think, a bicycle helmet can be easy to air condition, but this is the first of its kind, as the helmet's A/C unit is self contained, in other words, the cooling air remains inside the helmet itself, meaning riders can benefit from much better comfort while riding.

Ever Heard Of An Air Conditioned Helmet? No, We Didn't Either, Until Now...

The helmet is called the ACH-1, currently on sale for $450.00 (US dollars), down from $600.00, it can run while exposing the rider to air cooling temperatures between 12-18 degrees. This invention has been, and will continue to benefit those who have to take regular breaks while riding in hot environments, such as the Middle East and Australia, where summer temperatures

are more than likely to exceed 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit).

The issue is not that there hasn't been air conditioning units for riders, there have - The real issue has been that riders haven't had a helmet that directly cools the back side of their head, the area that is most suscpetable to causing heat stroke, and intense sweating. The ACH-1 uses a dehumidifier to ensure the rider's core temperature doesn't overheat during their ride, this also evaporates sweat, to ensure the rider's visor never fogs up. The helmet does also have a quick-release visor, which provides an anti-fog coating in itself too.

Ever Heard Of An Air Conditioned Helmet? No, We Didn't Either, Until Now...

The air conditioned helmet designed has been patented by Feher, in the hot and humid island of Hawaii, and has already been implemented to work as a seat cooler for car models such as Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Ferrari & Lexus.

The helmet isn't the lightest, unsurprisingly, but it does work via an on-off switch, instead of a battery built-in. Riders can charge up their helmet via 12V sockets or by using portable battery packs.

The ACH-1 can be bought in a number of sizes (Small to XXL), and colours, including matte black, pearl white and gun metal. Honestly, if you want something that transforms the level of comfort you can experience while riding on those hot summer days, Feher's ACH-1 air conditioned helmet is the must-have product for you!

Earlier this year, Feher also released their brand new air conditioned baseball cap, with the same design in mind, it now retails for just over $200 (US dollars), and has seen a lot of mixed attention from sports fans and media outlets. It weighs more than 500 grams, so might be on the heavy side - But it certainly will do the same job it does for riders, which is cooling them down and increasing the time between rest periods.

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