Easy way to connect your QNAP NAS drive to Mac

Bought yourself a QNAP NAS drive recently? Well, you're going to want to get the device set up with your Mac device. Today we'll be going through how to get the QNAP NAS showing up on your Mac, how to set up shared folders and new users/groups, how to set up storage drives (volumes and disks), and finally how to map the network drive for your QNAP device, so you can access it the same way on any remote device!

Step 1: Setting up your account and connecting the NAS drive

First things first, you want to get your device switched on. To do so, plug the supplied power cord into the wall and the other end into the back of the NAS drive. Then take an ethernet cable and plug one end into your WIFI router, and the other end into the supplied ethernet port that is also on the back of your NAS drive.

Once the lights are all solid green and the second light begins to flicker, you are ready to head to your Mac.

From a search browser like Safari or Chrome, type in https://www.qnap.com/en-uk/utilities/essentials

Easy way to connect your QNAP NAS drive to Mac

On this screen, select the Mac download option that is displayed for the Qfinder Pro.

By downloading this firmware, you simply skip the delicate process of trying to connect your NAS drive to the internet from typing in your IP address, this download will do this automatically for you.