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IT Consultancy IT Support Singapore

Answering tech questions and concerns of our clients as part of our IT Support package

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Ever have a tech-related question you can't find a clear answer on Google? Which brand laptop is the best or which ERP system best suits the needs of your organization? Real experts can answer Expert-level IT questions.

Technical and IT Support consultancy

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Rather than charge our clients for each consultation, we decided to do one better. We include IT consultancy as part of our IT support package. So each time you have even the smallest of matter you need advice or help on, you can count on IT Block to provide you with quality IT consultancy without the fear of any additional charge. Read more about some of the consultancy services we can provide below.

IT and Technical Knowledge

We love sharing our IT knowledge with our clients and customers. We not only believe that to be a crucial aspect of IT support but also great customer service. Feel free to ask us any difficult and technical questions you may have and we guarantee a very satisfactory answer each and every time. And if we do not have the answer at that moment, we promise to do our research and come back to you with the right information.

We consult in the interest of our clients and as IT support providers, we take out consultancy IT services very seriously.

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IT Retainer Packages

Our IT support is contracted under a retainer agreement and in each agreement, we will list out the IT services we will provide to your organization.
To get started with our IT support, a simple one-time payment of our retainer services made from you, and you will start to enjoy the various IT services we provide.

IT Block is confident in providing you with the highest level of IT support and customer service in Singapore.

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Professional IT consultancy

IT Block offers IT Consultancy in the ways listed below:

  • On-site meeting

  • Consultancy by phone

  • Email IT consultancy

What we offer our expertise and experience. IT Support is not just supporting a computer problem, it is also supporting our client's projects and ambitions. We love to help our clients grow and are confident in the IT services we provide to them. 

We have a high retention rate for all our clients and you can expect professionalism and competency at the highest level with our IT Support here in Singapore.

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