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Tier 1 Retail Colocation in Singapore

We target small-scale deployments, which allows us to promise a rapid turnaround time from planning to provisioning your solution at our data centre. Our Tier 1 colocation facility is perfect for rapidly expanding servers needing urgent space. Even temporary space packages are available. 

What is Retail Colocation?


Unlike larger data centres that offer colocation services, our retail colocation facility offers rack space. It is your hardware in our facility, which we can help you provision and install according to your requirements. 

Colocation - For backup

IT Block allows for backup colocation, even for Hybrid NAS solutions such as Synology or QNAP at our location to mirror your existing NAS from another site. 

colocation singapore
Choice of ISP

Your hardware, your choice; is what we say. Every client with their hardware at our Tier 1 colocation facility enjoys their choice of any Internet Service Provider with presence in Singapore. We believe in facilitating and not limiting the experience of our clients at our retail colocation facility.



Custom colocation design

You show us how you want us to make your infrastructure look like. From the ISP modem all the way down to the endpoint. Either you send us the hardware or we procure it for you. From how many IPs you require, to the model of the firewall you need installed. It is all custom.

Colocation Singapore service
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