Colocation Data Centre Services

Data Centres can seem like complicated work, and that's why we are here to help! 
Its vital to make sure your data centre is running smoothing, and we are just the people for the job! 

What is Colocation?


Colocation or server colocations are buildings or groups used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems. Colocation of data centres refers to the outsourcing of data centres or servers at another location. What IT Block offers colocation to our clients is a safe and well-equipped environment for their IT servers maintained by professional IT technicians.

Colocation - Eye on the prize

Colocation is crucial to modern businesses focused on software development, and worrying about infrastructure takes away focus from the company's crucial product development. Our colocation services offer a comprehensive and professional solution to run a prototype AI software or need us to house servers.

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Count on us for colocation

Our colocation services promise IT infrastructure experts with high availability. IT Block's capabilities include secure rooms at our colocation facility with dedicated fibre points per server rack. Redundant cooling systems are also a must at our colocation facility to ensure devices are running at optimal temperatures at all times. Our colocation service includes inventory and warranty management.




Colocation Contact Us

Before we begin our colocation project, IT Block requires detailed information and the expectations from our colocation space. Contact us to plan every step of the journey and have the target colocation server running as soon as possible.

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