Why choose us for your IT Support needs?

To answer a question with another, what does your organization value? Does it value good customer service? Does it value professionalism? Does your organization value high problem-solving skills? 

If the answer is yes to the last four questions, then we are the IT Support managed services provider you are looking for in Singapore. 

What we are selling is customer satisfaction. If you want your IT Support team to ease your mind and enhance your IT Infrastructure, IT Block is precisely for you. 

IT Support is the word

Managed IT services, IT support, IT outsourcing, IT consultancy or IT solutions. Call us anything you like, we speak everything IT. Our core specialty as an IT support provider in Singapore is your infrastructure.

What is IT support for infrastructure?

Think of us as your little elves who work for your office IT setup. We would be your very own IT Support department that handles the purchase of new laptops and computers. We will administrate your business email. We manage even your Internet service provider on your behalf as part of our IT support services. If your computers are running slow or the internet is slowing down, we will make our way down and provide you with the best IT support in Singapore.

Businesses have more important things to worry about than IT support, your manpower is focusing on sales, marketing and all types of crucial operations. Using your time on your IT support responsibilities is a waste of your time. You need experts in the field, your very own specialists IT support providers. Your very own IT hardware equipment personal shoppers. You need IT support that moves fast and gets things done even faster. Here at IT Block, we are problem solvers and a detail-oriented IT Support provider.

One might say that using lego figurine on a professional website that depicts a crucial it support outsourcing in Singapore is not professional. One might be wrong to say that. Why?

We believe in simplifying things for our clients. Just like how we simplify this website. Our IT support services aim to streamline your way of doing things. Our IT solutions and IT support aim to simplify your workflow, not complicate them. Simplicity is elegant. What we aim for as IT Support and IT services provider is to streamline and simplify the interface of IT for our clients. Let us worry about all the complicated wiring and settings.

Albert Einstein once said that if you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. You won't hear us explaining things with you in
technical terms you can't comprehend. We will make sure you know what we do.

Make us your IT services, IT support, and IT solutions provider now.

Few examples of IT Block's Ad-hoc IT support solutions provided in Singapore

Having trouble with your ISP in Singapore? You have an ERP project running for ages that have not yet seen the result you are looking for. 
It is not easy translating between technical terms and layman. IT Block's IT solutions and services include vendor management as part of our retainer services. IT Block is your IT support of choice in Singapore.

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Viruses, spyware, and ransomware, for example, are all malware. Let's not forget phishing emails that target your organization in the hopes of stealing your data. These data can easily be sold to your competitor resulting in loss of revenue.
We here at IT Block know much about the threat to cybersecurity and always keep ourselves up to date on the latest threats, as our aim to provide the best IT Support in Singapore. 

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Not to be confused with Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (or SEO for short) is an important website infrastructure requirement. From basic code injection, header requirements, backlinks, site code analysis, and many more. It is not as simple as it looks and requires a tailored IT solution for every problem.

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Let IT BLOCK help you with cloud administration as part of our outsourced IT support services. We look after and administrate all your cloud software and assets. From Amazon Web services to your G Suite account and even assisting with the management of any cloud-based ERP solutions. 

We look after all your assets like your own IT support department in Singapore would.

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Hardware brand products we sell here at IT Block


IT Block loves to share. From breakdowns on cybersecurity to computer hardware. Your one-stop information portal for all things IT support related needs.

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