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Vendor Management IT Support

IT Block ensures smooth communication between you and your third-party IT vendor as part of our IT support services.

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When you spend time dealing with your IT vendors, that means it is less time spent on dealing with your business—negotiating for new contracts with your internet service provider, choosing between the best cloud service provider for your email and storage solutions. Updating or maintaining your relationship with your ERP system developers can also be tricky, and you do wonder if they take you for a ride. 

Vendor management

vendor management it support singapore i

Web developers, Internet service providers, contractors, warranty providers, and the list goes on. As part of our IT support and IT services package, we are able to manage all of these vendors on your behalf. So all you have to do is manage us and we will manage them as part of your IT support. Handling your ERP integrators? Need to organize your ISP provider in Singapore? Leave it to IT Block.

Technical Talk
IT support

Web developers, system integrators and programmers are not able to communicate with you effectively as a result of technical language and jargon. Don't you wish someone would translate some of those words as an IT service?
Fortunately, IT Block knows what they mean. Now that is a type of IT Support which our clients love. 
This translation is part of our IT services and does fall under our IT support retainer package. IT Block is both able to provide this IT support both remotely and in-person for your convenience. 

vendor management it support singapore i

ERP and CRMS are becoming more and more critical for businesses. As part of your IT infrastructure, they are often facilitated by 3rd party vendors. And these vendors need to be managed, so does your cost.

You need an IT Support team that is trained to manage your ERP and CRMS implementation and management projects. IT Block's vendor management IT services covers just that.

ERP & CRMS IT Support
vendor management it support singapore i
Vendor Migration IT services

For one reason or another, our clients may feel the need to switch their vendors or providers. Something as simple as switching your ISP in Singapore. IT Block as part of our IT support facilitates this. We source new options and provide recommendations.

Vendor migration can be a long and mitigating exercise. You need IT experts by your side which provides such IT services to their clients. 

If this sounds like what you are looking for in an IT support outsourcing provider, click below to contact us immediately.

vendor management it support singapore i
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