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Server hardware maintenance in Singapore

server maintenance it services singapore

It is not easy managing the maintenance of your office servers, especially without a full time IT technician in the office. Server rooms and racks need regular checks to ensure your IT hardware is running at optimal performance level.

IT Block's server maintenance solutions in Singapore

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IT Block's core business specialty is IT hardware support. What that means is simply, we specialize in server servicing. And of all the hardware that is core to businesses are servers. Servers are the lifeblood of companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba. In fact, the phone or computer you are using now to view our website is reading it off a server somewhere on this planet. Servers make cloud a reality, servers allow you to use amazing applications on your phone. It allows you to communicate with your friends and loved ones through Skype, Facebook, and Whatsapp. 

IT Block's IT Support team looks after the hardware that makes all of these conveniences we take for granted possible. Here are some of the IT support and IT services we are able to provide for your server maintenance requirements.

Server servicing: Fan replacement

For server fans that are noisy and no longer working. IT Block provides the IT support service of replacing these fans.

You heard us right. You don't need to buy a new server rack, our IT Support simply replace the fans for you. 

Call us down for IT support consultation and we will do an assessment of your server maintenance and servicing requirements free of charge. 

server fan repait it services singapore.
Server servicing: Storage upgrade or replacement

The first thing to go on a server is almost always the storage. Whether they are hard disk drives or solid-state drives, they wear. 

IT Block's IT Support team will not only source for the replacement parts, but we will also perform the replacement ourselves.

So the next time you see a red led light, do not fret, just call us immediately for IT support. And our IT support will be on our way for your server servicing requirements.

server harddisk swap replacement service

It is always advisable for every server to have an uninterrupted power supply or UPS.

However, batteries only have such a limited lifespan and it is recommended to replace your UPS at the end of its recommended life. 

This exercise is normally time consuming and troublesome. But with IT Block's IT support, it does not have to be. Let us replace or upgrade your UPS for you. 

Call us for IT support now or email us!

Server servicing: UPS upgrade or replacement
UPS upgrade installation it services sin
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