Server Cleaning Services in Singapore

Server cleaning services sg

Professional cleaning by IT technicians.

Server components are delicate and require a professional to handle them. The same principle applies when cleaning servers too.

How often must data centres be cleaned?

Depending on the climate of the country, regularity of cleaning maintenance may differ.

Here in Singapore, due to the humid climate, a yearly cleaning may be required.

Dust is the enemy here, causing short circuits, trapping moisture which results in faster degradation of both performance and longevity of servers.


Server vacuuming

Due to the sensitivity of the equipment, much of server room cleaning involves vacuuming. A lot of vacuuming.

Equipped with the best industrial vacuum cleaners in the market, dust suits, microfiber cloth, brushes, pressured-air canisters and much more. IT Block assures you, we are well-prepared to tackle all that is needed.

You can count on us.

Server vacuum cleaning service singapore
Professional cleaning finish anytime and anywhere
server cleaning maintenance singapore it

Our services are available island-wide and even in industrial/construction sites too. 

Our cleaning services are highly specialized, we are an IT MSP after all. Who better to clean the servers than the ones who repair and maintain them?

Only our IT technicians will be cleaning your servers for you. We want our clients to know we treat their IT infrastructure seriously.